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10 Waterfront Properties That Use Automated Shading to Reveal Striking Vistas

Since the dawn of mankind, human beings have always been drawn to water. Settlements have sprung up and exploded along the shores of rivers, lakes, and oceans, and while that has largely been for survival and trading purposes, the views these locations provide are just as treasured nowadays. Which might be why, nowadays, any waterfront property is going to capitalize on those placid vistas with big open windows and a nice set of automated shading to help keep the views plentiful and the glare coming in off the water to a minimum.

From the coastal dunes along the Hamptons in New York to the sundrenched seaside running up California’s spine we’re looking at how integrators have made the most of these picturesque overlooks using curtains, partitions, screens, and shades, all with the unifying theme of home automation to give homeowners the utmost comfort and enjoyment out of these coveted homes.

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Photo/David Cazes

Seaside Dunes, The Hamptons, New York, Audio Breakthroughs

While aesthetics were the primary driver for the systems design in this coastal home out in the Hamptons of New York, the client did not want Audio Breakthroughs to compromise when it came to performance. Control over the AV system, alongside automated lighting and shading was paramount in creating an alternate paradise nestled between the dunes along the shoreline.

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2024 Lighting Controls and Fixtures Report

Lightapalooza took place in late February, and the growth of the event has mirrored the rapid ascension lighting fixtures and controls.

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Photo Courtesy/Audio Impact

Sundrenched Sundries, Pacific Beach, California, Audio Impact

All along the coast of California, it is not uncommon for homes to mix design and technology to achieve a more open feel throughout the property. Set along the beautiful, sundrenched strip of Pacific Beach, California, Sunset Cliffs begets a coastal smart home experience so well hidden, it’s as if Audio Impact was able to slip all the technology right between the sunbeams.

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Photo Courtesy/Premium Digital Control & Automation

Boat Access, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Premium Digital Control & Automation

The client of this waterfront property in Fort Lauderdale, Florida reached out to Premium Digital Control & Automation with the goal of using smart home technology to make it so the activity and vibrancy of the dwelling would flow with them as they moved between indoor and outdoor spaces, with picturesque views of their boat and the waterfront just within sight.

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Photo/Tria Giovan Photography

Private Island Project, Baker’s Bay, Bahamas, Shade & Sound

Shade & Sound’s recent custom home project in Bakers Bay required planning and flawless execution. To create a calm, functional waterfront oasis, the homeowners and architects enlisted full-service design studio Carly Ahlman Design to bring their vision to life, leveraging automated shading by Hunter Douglas to help control the abundant sunlight the Bahamas are so well known for.

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Photo Courtesy/Innerspace Electronics

Greener Aspirations, Long Island Sound, New York, InnerSpace Electronics

Well-regarded metro New York City integrator InnerSpace Electronics had completed a full-scale integrated control system in the homeowners’ previous residence, and so they were brought on to develop the luxurious, eco-friendly control system that ultimately helped net this waterfront property a Green Building Award.

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High-Tech Bliss, 30A, Florida, Innovative Sight & Sound

The client of this project purchased this new home after the drywall phase was complete, which presented a handful of problems for Innovative Sight & Sound when it came to developing discreet, visually appealing solutions that would fit the client’s appetite for performance and automation. Every element, from the automated shading to control of the outdoor entertainment ended up being custom engineered to fit in seamlessly with everything else in the home.

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Photo COurtesy/ACT

Progressive Modernism, Rehobeth, Delaware, Atlantic Control Technologies

The team at Atlantic Control Technologies (ACT) knew that the ultimate goal for this 10-bedroom waterfront property in Rehobeth, Delaware was going to be preserving the beautiful views of the shoreline. With the home design provided by architect Robert Gurney, ACT leveraged a slew of automated shading solutions that would fit with the overall design including roller shades, drapery, and even room-darkening glass.

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Photo Courtesy/Snap One

Gladesville Home, Sydney, Australia, Life Style Store

Sticking to simplicity, Life Style Store opted to split the home up into five different control zones based around the feature-rich areas of the house. As such, Home Theater, Living Room, Alfresco Dining, and Master Bedroom with Ensuite define the technological layout of the home.

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Photo/Stephanie Johnson

Wilson Chalet, Killen, Alabama, Mozaic Integrated Technology Design

Set on the shoreline of Wilson Lake in Killen, Alabama, this lakeside property with waterfront views and styled after a chalet presented several challenges up front that required careful consideration on the part of Mozaic Integrated Technology Design. Looking out over the massive open waters of the reservoir, the main focus of this project was in the shading, which the homeowner wanted to have automated to handle the changing light levels during the day.

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Photo Courtesy/Premium Digital Control & Automation

Miami Primary Suite, Miami, Florida, Premium Digital Control & Automation

To maintain the balance of luxury and comfort, Premium Digital Control & Automation prioritized flush, seamless design and best-of-breed brands for the AV systems as well as the shading solutions that helped control the light coming in through the floor to ceiling windows overlooking the Miami waterfront. Everything was additionally tied into the home’s native Crestron system to help keep controls simple.

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