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10 Ways to Hang a TV Above a Fireplace

There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting down after a long day and cozying up to a nice movie in front of a warm, crackling fire. Is it any wonder then that hanging a TV above a fireplace mantel has become one of the most popular installation methods for homeowners looking to create a relaxing, comfortable entertainment space?

The only downside is that contrary to hanging a TV on drywall, mounting a TV on brick and mortar comes with far more challenges. It isn’t impossible, and by no means should anyone be deterred from hanging a TV over a fireplace because of it (we actually have plenty to say about why hanging a TV over the fireplace isn’t the mistake it used to be). If the projects we have here are anything to go by, it’s totally worth it for the aesthetics alone.

From magical-themed dens to unique pop-up mini-theaters, we’re digging through the CE Pro project archives to take a look at all the projects over the years that have featured TVs mounted over fireplaces so you can see how other professionals have tackled this popular project.

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Photo Courtesy/Boston Automations

The Preserve at Mill Pond, Massachusetts, Boston Automations

Seeing the potential for new home technology to create a more comfortable home experience for its community, the builders at the Preserve enlisted the assistance of Boston Automations to provide multiple home tech amenities to the space, ranging in complexity from an extensive Control4 automation system, so a simple TV affixed to a dropdown wall-mount hung over the fireplace to mimic a piece of artwork when not in use.

The Future of Digital Lighting & Control

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Photo Courtesy/Stratatech

Greyrock, Connecticut, Stratatech

To add to the immersive nature of this space, Stratatech included Episode in-wall speakers around the hearth, while also programming the TV and the rest of the home’s smart systems to be controllable from a single Control4 remote, providing the clients easy access to any number of the home’s features without having to budge from their place on the couch or table.

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Photo Courtesy/Harrison Home Systems

Japanese Respite, Colorado, Harrison Home Systems

The owner of this impressive and luxurious getaway sought to create a space flooded with technology that would also match the home’s minimalistic Japanese-inspired décor. Working with the architect and designers, Harrison Home Systems was able to properly recess and conceal cabling for two large flat-screen TVs over the unique fireplace in addition to manufacturing a custom soundbar to fit, creating a gathering space that could entertain the entire family.

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Photo Courtesy/Advanced Integration Controls

In Plain Sight, South Carolina, Advanced Integrated Controls

Rather than keep their TV screen visible at all times over the fireplace, the clients wanted a means of physical concealment while not in use. This led Advanced Integration Controls to hide the TV in a small cabinet compartment hanging above the fireplace, a tactic that was was so successful, the homeowner sought to have it repeated with other TVs throughout the property.

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Photo Courtesy/Bigfoot Concepts

Mini Home Theater, Arizona, Bigfoot Concepts

Given the unusual orientation of this particular space, and the limited wall real estate, Joe Courtney of Bigfoot Concepts got very creative with the use of a MantelMount over-the-fireplace TV mount. Rather than have the TV drop down while in use, it instead pops up to block the light coming in from the window behind it, creating a more ideal viewing environment. Afterwards, it drops back down to allow rich, natural lighting into the room while the TV itself reverts to a portrait hanging over the fireplace.

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Photo Courtesy/Cyberhomes Systems LLC

Wizards World of Champion’s Gate, Florida, Cyberhomes Systems LLC

Adding to the magical air of this Harry Potter-themed getaway, Cyberhomes used Samsung’s The Frame TV throughout the property, in addition to plenty of bespoke automations and lighting tricks. In this way, a simple piece of art hung over the fireplace becomes a movie screen with the flick of a wand (or remote).

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Contemporary Estate, Maryland, ACT

Spanning 35,000 square feet, the sheer size of this estate was what posed the biggest challenge for Atlantic Control Technologies with even simple gathering spaces such as this needing to be hooked up to the home’s main control system so family members would be able to dial in scenes and turn up the ambiance at a moment’s notice.

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Photo Courtesy/frayednot

1905, New Jersey, frayednot

Antique homes always provide a unique challenge when it comes to technology integration, as the structures themselves were often never intended to accommodate all the wires and electrical equipment modern homeowners seek. Despite these obstacles, frayednot was able to deliver a sizeable upgrade to the property with an understated visual impact, such as here with a recessed TV mount placed over a fireplace wall.

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Photo/Stephanie Johnson

Simple Elegance, Alabama, Mozaic Audio Video

Having had a taste of bit time living, the owner of this particular home sought to downsize in both home space and system complexity. This burnout experienced from prior smart home systems led Mozaic Audio Video to develop more simplified implementations of technology, in addition to developing vastly more intuitive and hands-off means of running the home.

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Photo Courtesy/Theater Advice

Part of the Music, Texas, Theater Advice

Not content with the simple aesthetics provided by the TV and hearth setup for this particular game room, Theater Advice took it a step further by installing hidden Triad speakers into the fireplace itself, with the center sound speaker being custom fit within the fireplace mantle right below the TV.

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This article is part of the CE Pro Project Archives series, where we look back on projects submitted to the publication throughout the years to highlight the different components that feature in custom installation projects. To view past highlights, follow the link to view the full catalog.

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