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A Sundrenched Smart Home Provides the Perfect Coastal Retreat in California

All along the coast of California, it is not uncommon for homes to mix design and technology to achieve a more open feel throughout the property. Set along the beautiful, sundrenched strip of Pacific Beach, California, Sunset Cliffs begets a coastal smart home experience so well hidden, it’s as if Audio Impact was able to slip all the technology right between the sunbeams.

According to Kyra Mitchell over at Audio Impact, the client had reached out to the firm as they were in the middle of a retrofit for the home and wanted advice on options for kitting out the home. The main caveat was that everything needed to be as hidden and seamless as possible.

As Mitchell notes, the challenge of retrofits is largely in the ability to lay out wires for more complex systems and equipment, as well as the ability to conceal technological equipment by means of flush mounts and other techniques. Though, as it turned out, one of the home’s greatest strengths proved to provide the greatest challenges in this regard.

In areas of lesser importance in terms of automation need, the clients opted for manual shading that could potentially be upgraded at a later date. Photo Courtesy/Audio Impact

As sun soaked on the inside as it is on the outside, lighting and shading became a core focus of the technology design throughout the property, with Lutron being deemed a perfect solution for the coastal property, as well as the client.

Of course, due to the sheer number of windows on the property, the team at Audio Impact quickly ran up against the client’s budget when specifying motorized shades. The compromise in this case was identifying where motorization was needed most, and simply making sure the manual shades matched the automated ones in terms of design.

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Lutron’s Triathalon shades were the go-to choose for an elegant, minimal look that matched the overall design of the home, while allowing for sheer shades that could provide solar protection for finishes, reduce heat gain throughout the day and supply a extra privacy in key areas such as the bedroom.

The gable window for the bathroom posed a special challenge for motorization given its shape, so Audio Impact opted for smart blackout glass instead. Photo Courtesy/Audio Impact

An impressive custom gable window in the primary bathroom also provided a special challenge for sizing shades, so instead, Audio Impact kitted out the space with smart glass that would black out the window when activated.

Elsewhere in the Pacific Beach property, Audio Impact installed Samsung Frame TVs with a preprogrammed ‘Art Button’ tied to a custom Crestron remote that would allow the client to swap the displays from form to function as needed. Lighting, music and shading were also tied to the remote so that everything could be controlled while sitting down.

Elsewhere, Lutron wireless dimmers, switches and thermostats were used to ensure minimize the need for Audio Impact to cut into the drywall while invisible in-wall subwoofers and recessed, in-ceiling speakers provided the audio.

The experience extends into the outdoor spaces as well, with Audio Impact providing additional, invisible outdoor speakers on the roofdeck that allow for an inviting space for the client and guests to listen to music and watch the views of Pacific Beach.

Photo Courtesy/Audio Impact

Equipment Used

Lutron Wirelss RR3

Crestron Home for AV

Sonos music streaming

Lutron Triathalon shades

James Loudspeaker speakers

Crestron HVAC

Samsung Frame TVs

Photo Courtesy/Audio Impact

Photo Courtesy/Audio Impact

Photo Courtesy/Audio Impact

Photo Courtesy/Audio Impact

Photo Courtesy/Audio Impact

Photo Courtesy/Audio Impact
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