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Airzone Announces Smart Home Partnership with Savant

Airzone Control, a provider of intelligent HVAC control solutions, has announced a new API integration with the home automation and energy management company Savant.

The new API facilitates the seamless integration of Airzone’s proprietary HVAC control and zoning solutions into Savant Smart Home and Smart Power ecosystems. With solutions for smart home automation and control; scalable smart power storage, and intuitive energy management, Savant brings the benefits of integrated building management to elite private homes.

“Many Savant homes are designed with sustainability as their North Star, and HVAC system control is critical to minimizing a home’s carbon footprint,” says George Katsiris, senior Vice president of partnerships for Savant. “Savant is proud to partner with Airzone to enable full, two-way control of today’s most efficient HVAC technology, allowing Savant integrators to achieve exceptional energy savings for their clients.”

Airzone Partnership Enables Advanced Savant HVAC Control

Airzone is a global developer of intelligent HVAC control for mini-split, multi-split Inverter/VRF, and ductless units. Airzone boasts that far beyond simply telling the HVAC unit when to turn on and off its platform leverages an exclusive library of manufacturer protocols to minutely control fan speed and refrigerant flow. Airzone asserts that its control products can reduce HVAC energy consumption by up to 60%, while simultaneously maintaining more consistent temperature set points in occupied spaces.

The companies explain the Savant driver works with both the Airzone Aidoo Pro for single-unit systems, and the Webserver Hub for zoned systems. Integrators can download the Aidoo driver directly from the Savant Application Manager.  Once installed and configured on system thermostats, the API allows Airzone controllers to connect seamlessly to Savant sensors and control devices without the need for custom coding or wiring.

The Future of Digital Lighting & Control

As a custom integrator, lighting is in demand. Effective communication, education and showcasing the value proposition of LED light fixtures in conjunction with integrative control systems are the keys to overcoming challenges and closing sales in this specialized market.

Join us as we discuss the future of digital lighting and control with David Warfel from Light Can Help You and Patrick Laidlaw and Mark Moody from AiSPIRE.
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The driver includes mode switching and read/write functionality for set point and ambient temperature. Integrators can create set point schedules based on a client’s routine, or associate specific temperature set points with Savant Smart Home scenes. professional integrators can also customize Savant Power System energy modes to automatically adjust HVAC system usage when the user is on vacation, or in response to events like a grid outage.

Scenes and energy modes can be triggered automatically, and users can also select their preferred scene or energy mode in the Savant App, with a single tap on a Savant control interface, or via Alexa or Google Home voice command. The Savant App also offers circuit-level insight into home technology energy consumption, allowing users to see the concrete impact of their investment in sustainable technology.

“Savant customers expect the absolute best, including superior energy efficiency and system performance,” adds Antonio Mediato, CEO of Airzone. “Airzone offers comfort they can feel, and efficiency they can see in the Savant App.” 

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