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Airzone, URC Integrate for HVAC Control

Airzone Control users will now be able to control their HVAC systems with Universal Remote Control’s Total Control and TC Flex systems in a new integration that enables URC dealers and installers to offer climate management for inverter HVAC units such as mini-split and VRF systems.

According to the Miami, Fla.-based HVAC manufacturer, a new driver is designed to integrate the Airzone Aidoo Pro with URC’s Total Control and TC Flex platforms, offering direct control and feedback from HVAC systems through URC’s Unified Climate Control user interface.

This essentially combines Airzone’s HVAC solutions with URC’s home automation technology.

According to Airzone, the integration allows users to manage their mini-split HVAC systems with URC’s Total Control interface, offering key functions such as temperature setting, operating mode, and fan speed, all from a single unified interface.

By integrating with the Airzone control device, the URC Total Control interface can communicate bi-directionality with mini-split HVAC systems from any major manufacturer, but Airzone specifically mentions Samsung, Daikin, Mitsubishi, LG, Toshiba, Fujitsu, and Hitachi. Installers can also create customized automations and climate control scenarios, Airzone says.

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The integration supports several Airzone solutions, including the Airzone Aidoo Pro for single-unit control and the Webserver HUB for zoned applications.

According to the company, the new driver uses a fixed IP address to maintain stability and consistency within the Total Control system.

Airzone says setting up the driver within the URC ecosystem is quick thanks to URC’s Accelerator software that guides installers through adding the module, network configuration, and programming.

“We are thrilled to integrate Airzone’s advanced climate control technology with URC’s Total Control system,” says Antonio Mediato, CEO of Airzone. “Airzone is committed to making it easy and intuitive to incorporate the most energy-efficient HVAC systems available today into whole-home automation. By partnering with URC, a leader in installer training and support, we enhance the experiences of homeowners and custom technology integrators alike.”

Just this year, Airzone has introduced several new integrations for popular smart home platforms like Savant and Z-Wave, as well as Google Nest thermostats.

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