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Amazon’s Blink Lets Users Combine Video Clips Across Cameras

Amazon-owned smart home security device maker Blink has announced Blink Moments, a new video viewing tool that automatically combines clips captured across Blink cameras into a streamlined video.

The tool is rolling out now and will be fully available to global Blink Subscription Plus Plan customers in the coming.

The company says Blink customers have an average of three cameras per home that generate hundreds of motion events. However, manually scrolling through individual clips can be time consuming. Blink Moments aims to solve this by combining various clips into one condensed story.

When customers add more cameras to their home, Blink Moments will integrate with each new device. The tool will work with all versions of Blink’s battery-powered and plug-in devices.

Moments essentially turns individual clips into shareable, comprehensible Moments so customers can watch the full story unfold from multiple perspectives. Users can then download the video to their phone and share it from the Blink app.

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Blink Moments joins the Blink Plus Plan Subscription, which already offers person detection, live view recording, up to 60 days of cloud video storage, motion detection recording, and up to 90 minutes of continuous live streaming.

Jonathan Cohn, head of product at Blink, says the company’s app is core to the customer experience and has been invested in to make it more intuitive. That includes modernizing the home screen and other features.

“Moments is a whole new way for our customers to engage with their footage,” Cohn says. “Whether it’s their family playing outside, packages being delivered, or pets exploring the yard, Blink Moments combines the moments that matter into one video.”

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