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Aspire AVS Programs Expansive Smart Home with Intuitive Voice Controls

This project originated through a referral from one of Aspire Audio Video Solutions’ (AVS) custom homebuilder partners, Novella Homes, based in Charleston, S.C.; and Aldie, Va. The dealer had a chance to meet with the client not too long after the introduction and receiving plans.

The customers visited Aspire AVS’ Sterling, Va., office and were able to sit down and review the project thoroughly so that the integrator could then provide them with a well-thought-out design. They accepted and soon after Aspire AVS began working on their documentation.

Beyond traditional home automation, the owners expressed a desire for seamless control over various fire and heating features throughout their property. This included managing heaters on the porch, regulating fireplaces, tending to the fire pit, and orchestrating the ambiance of fire bowls by the pool, according to Aspire AVS President Ian Williams.

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Their vision encompassed a comprehensive centralized lighting control system comprising 65 keypads, coupled with 13 Josh Nano devices.

“Aspire AVS embraced this unique challenge, recognizing the opportunity to deliver a customized solution that not only met but exceeded the [clients’] expectations, enhancing their lifestyle with cutting-edge technology and unparalleled convenience,” states Williams.

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All of these features are controllable on their Control4 System or through Josh.

Design Challenges for Aspire AVS Included Location of Rack

Williams says Aspire AVS encountered significant design and installation hurdles. The primary challenge arose from spatial constraints, as the home’s waterfront location necessitated careful consideration of equipment placement.

With the lower level unavailable for rack and enclosure installation due to its vulnerability to water exposure, the team had to secure adequate space elsewhere. After deliberation, a compromise was reached, albeit reluctantly, with the clients agreeing to allocate the main closet at the top of the stairs for the equipment, including lighting panels, future automation panels, shading hardware, and a freestanding rack enclosure.

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The project’s complexity escalated when the client opted to expand the scope, requiring lighting control, fan control, and Josh.ai integration in all four bedrooms upstairs. The late addition forced Aspire AVS to navigate a retrofit process in the near-completed construction phase, demanding meticulous planning and execution to seamlessly integrate the additional components.

Accommodating Palladiom shades in his office and two sizable Lutron shades outside on their covered porch, which necessitated retrofitting low-voltage power, presented further logistical challenges. 

Teamwork Ensures Everyone’s on Same Design Page

The comprehensive project took roughly 18 months from initial client engagement and needs assessment to final programming and handoff. Aspire AVS collaborated closely with trade partners to integrate cutting-edge technology into the home, working in tandem with Haddigan Electric for lighting control and JLV Creative for interior design.

“Our collaborative efforts were marked by a shared commitment to excellence and meticulous attention to detail,” Williams says. “From coordinating electrical infrastructure to selecting keypad colors and embracing a minimalist design, the collaboration exemplified a cohesive approach to realizing the homeowners’ vision while maintaining a discreet and elegant integration of technology throughout the residence.”

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Aspire AVS ensured thorough documentation by including Pre-wire schematics, Full Lighting Design, and Head End Schematics. The integrator certified all wires and meticulously labeled everything in the enclosures and racks for future reference and ease of maintenance.

The team provided comprehensive training sessions to acquaint the homeowners with the intricacies of their newly implemented systems, empowering them to optimize the capabilities of their smart home.

Voice Commands Activate Numerous Automations

The Control4 programming by Aspire AVS anchors the system’s technology and convenience. With a focus on social programming, the team implemented intuitive controls that elevate everyday experiences.

For instance, the keypad on the covered porch enables effortless control of overhead heaters with single, double, or triple taps, providing customizable heating levels at the touch of a button. Similarly, the activation of the fire pit can be initiated either through a dedicated button or via voice command using a Josh Microphone situated outside in the covered porch, ensuring ease of use and accessibility.

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The integration of a wide array of Josh commands facilitates intricate commands, such as the creation of a bespoke Christmas scene. By simply prompting Josh to initiate the Christmas sequence, Williams notes, “All seven Christmas trees illuminate, outdoor lights adorn the surroundings, festive music emanates from strategically placed James Audio Small Aperture speakers, temperature adjusts to a cozy 73 degrees, J. Geiger Shades gracefully open, and the fireplace ignites, curating a truly immersive and memorable experience for homeowners and guests alike.”

The meticulous programming extends to all areas of the home, including bedrooms equipped with Josh Nanos for hands-free control, while occupancy sensors in closets and bathrooms streamline the user experience.

Photo Courtesy/Aspire Audio Video Solutions
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