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Audio Tec Designs Creates a Striking 130-Inch Video Wall Installation Set in Marble

In this big backyard project, the homeowners sought a video wall that could go the cavity of the marble wall in the lanai for an amazing outdoor entertainment area by the pool. Digital Projection had just the right solution to fit their needs, and Boca Raton, Fla.-based integrator Audio Tec Designs had the right installation know-how to make it happen.

The giant LED videowall for this assignment was a DP 130-inch diagonal Radiance outdoor series, 1.5-pixel pitch video wall. “A lot of planning and design work was required, involving meticulous collaboration and with DP,” Audio Tec Designs Owner David Holiday recounts. “Designing and installing an outdoor LED videowall has a whole different set of parameters than indoors.”

Photo Courtesy/Audio Tec Designs

130-Inch Video Wall Installation Takes into Account Several Parameters

The parameters for the 130-inch video wall installation came as such:

The wall needed to be seen from every area of the spacious backyard,

It needed to look just as good on a sunny day as in the evening,

Moving from the curb to the lanai had to be carefully coordinated,

The product needed to be protected from Florida’s frequent lightning strikes,

And it had to be simple to control along with lighting, audio, pool, and lots of other stuff, Holiday explains.

Keeping true to those requests, the DP Radiance video wall is part of a huge Control4 system, which includes the automation of all subsystems indoors in the 25,000-square-foot estate. In fitting with the lavish residence, the client requested that the outdoor area “resemble a resort,” Holiday remarks.

Photo Courtesy/Audio Tec Designs

First Time Deploying DP Radiance Is a Charm

During a pandemic-related hiatus in the construction schedule, the 130-inch outdoor video wall originally specified by Audio Tec Designs was discontinued. Unfortunately, nothing else in the manufacturer’s video wall portfolio would fit the proportions of a cavity that had been carved into a marble wall. Audio Tec Designs had no choice but to look elsewhere.

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At a CEDIA Roadshow, they found the perfect-size LED video wall from Digital Projection. It would mark a milestone for Audio Tec Designs. “This would be our first time installing a video wall outside and our first time working with DP,” Holiday says. He and his tech crew eagerly embraced the unknown and delivered their customers “an outdoor viewing experience that’s even better than a 5-star resort,” he enthuses.

Photo Courtesy/Audio Tec Designs

Integrator Gets an Assist from Manufacturer’s Design Team

The assistance from DP’s in-house design and installation team proved worthy of concierge-like treatment. The company coordinated closely with Audio Tec Designs to handle the configuration and physical installation of the 130-inch video wall. The owners can choose from more than 3,000 Kaleidescape movies, satellite TV, Apple TV, Cable TV, and myriad streaming services to watch.

The project also incorporated 18 Sonance 8-ch VP Extreme Outdoor Series Flush-Mount Speakers; 18 Origin Acoustics Landscape Bollard Speakers; two Origin Acoustics DSP3 -700 Amplifiers; two Triad 16 source, 16-zone Audio Matrix Switches; two AudioControl Avalon G4 Amplifiers; and Control4 Halo Touch remotes. The successful adaptation of a high-end commercial product into an elegant residential setting was no small feat, but a necessary step for customer satisfaction and company growth.

“This may have been our first outdoor residential video wall installation, but it certainly won’t be our last,” Holiday anticipates. “Consumer demand for outdoor video walls is bound to rise. With this project under our belts, we’ll be one step ahead of our competition and prepared for anything our customers ask for.”

Photo Courtesy/Audio Tec Designs
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