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Blackwire Designs Releases Free Network Provisioning Service, Drivers

Custom installation and pro AV distributor Blackwire Designs is launching its Blackwire Network Provisioning Service, a new software tool designed to give integrators installation-ready networking equipment straight out of the box. The new service comes following an update the company made to its Linear Lighting Design Software back in March 2024.

The free service aims to eliminate time-consuming setup and on-site troubleshooting and create a more efficient installation process by configuring, updating and labeling the networking products upon purchase of eligible devices.

According to the Pheonix, Ariz.-based distributor, the service works by completing a short post-purchase questionnaire that asks about project specifications. Blackwire will configure and update all networking equipment before shipping products from the warehouse, ensuring that the customer’s specifications align with Blackwire’s recommended configuration.

Blackwire says the company ways to verify that each piece of equipment is working and is ready to install upon arrival for a smoother installation. This can also help integrators reduce labor costs and the need for highly experienced staff on site, the company says.

The service is supported by Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA)-certified personnel and includes all Ruckus, Peplink, and NETGEAR certifications.

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Kevin Luther, owner of Blackwire Designs, says on-site configuration and troubleshooting frequently leads to delays and increased costs for integration firms.

“Our new Network Provisioning Service not only resolves these problems but also sets a new industry standard by extending Blackwire’s proven provisioning from our video distribution systems to our networking products,” Luther says. “It marks the next step in our mission to provide integrators with the necessary tools and support to implement exceptional networking solutions, thereby saving costs even before reaching the job site, while also enhancing user experience and simplifying complex installations.”

Blackwire also unveiled new drivers, including a VideoWall Pro Driver for Control4 along with enhancements to its MultiView Pro Driver for Control 4. The company says these updates provide support for an easy-to-use interface for Just Add Power MaxColor and AVPro Edge MXNet systems using video walls or multiview video tilers. The drivers integrate natively into the Control4 UI on both T4 touch screens and mobile/tablet devices.

In addition, Blackwire unveiled an update to its Yamaha MTV Universal Driver for Control4, which includes a range of new features designed to enhance the functionality and flexibility of the driver. The Yamaha MTX Universal Driver for Control4 is designed for commercial installations as well as some residential installations where mixing or microphones may be required.

The updated driver includes new DCA Input Groups for both volume and mute, allowing for post-fader control over groups of input devices. This feature is useful especially for venues with multiple microphones that need to be grouped together for control. 

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