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Crestron Announces Saros AV-over-IP Speakers

Crestron has quietly unveiled a new set of audio-over-IP speakers–named Saros–designed for either commercial or residential applications, built on the company’s DM NVX AV-over-IP technology.

The AV control and networking manufacturer announced the new Saros speaker in a blog post, saying the speaker is designed for existing networks in conference rooms, classrooms, residential or background music applications.

According to Crestron, the Saros AV-over-IP speaker can achieve longer signal distances over a network without sacrificing quality, offers wide sound dispersion with fewer speakers, and has an onboard amplifier that eliminates the need for additional amps.

The the IC4A, an active speaker, can drive three more compatible passive Saros IC4P speakers, creating a cost-effective way to deliver audio via standard network cable to four speakers in a zone, all configured with an intuitive web-based user interface, the company says.

Crestron says the speaker delivers 20W of output and it comes with an onboard DSP to help tune every speaker in the chain. The powered speakers are also compatible with XIO Cloud technology operations management platform for remote monitoring and management.

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The passive speakers offer the same audio quality as their powered siblings, including standard terminal blocks and RJ45 connectors to link the IC4A active model, making them ideal in scenarios where installers need to mix and match powered speakers and those wired to an amplifier.

Crestron says the speakers can be integrated with some of the company’s recent audio offerings, including DM NVX AV-over-IP systems. The company provides several examples:

You’re outfitting a yoga studio, and you need streaming music and a system for the instructor. Couple your Saros speakers with one of Crestron’s new Audio-over-IP Edge Devices — specifically, the DM-NAX-2XLRI-1G, which allows you to connect professional mic or line-level signals on XLR cables.

You’ve got the infrastructure for passive speakers in place — but your corporate HQ is expanding, and you need to add rooms. A blend of Saros passive and active speakers will handle the job, with a consistent audio experience in every zone.

You need a way to bring PC or mobile device audio onto a DM NVX technology network — maybe for a key conference room or lecture hall where content is being shared. Again, there’s an edge device for that: the DM-NAX-AUD-USB gives you all the convenience and flexibility of USB connectivity.

You need an affordable way to extend audio-over-IP to a new residential zone.

Earlier this year, Crestron unveiled several new DM NAX AoIP devices, including an audio return processor and four new AoIP ege devices.

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