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Crestron Updates Home OS 4 With Lighting Support, Audio-over-IP, myCrestron Portal Features

Crestron has recently released a pair of updates for Crestron Home OS 4 that include more support for lighting, support for a range of DM NAX audio-over-IP devices and an update to the myCrestron portal.

The updates were announced in a pair of recent blog posts and mark the first major updates to Crestron Home OS 4, which was launched last year.

Crestron Home OS 4.1 will be free for all existing customers and includes support for the DM-NAX-4ZSA-50 amplifier, the  DM-NAX-XSP Audio Return Processor, along with audio edge devices such as the DM-NAX-BTIO-1G, DM-NAX-2XLRI-1G, DM-NAX-AUD-IO and DM-NAX-AUD-USB.

Another key benefit of Crestron Home OS 4.1 is the ability to import scenes from select third-party lighting ecosystems. The company released digital lighting drivers for third-party lighting devices, such as the Philips Hue driver. Now, Crestron Home can import lighting scenes directly from the Hue hub. Crestron Home OS 4.1 also supports Lutron and the HomeWorks HQP7-RF-2 wireless processor.

The platform’s Home Configurator has also been expanded, allowing for the setup of digital inputs and outputs before the dealer even hits the job site.

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The myCrestron portal, the company’s cloud-based platform that handles management, deployment and configuration of Crestron Home OS projects, was also recently updated to include new features designed to empower dealers to maximize efficiency.

New features include the ability to upload and download diagnostic files, effortless integration of thermostats and temperature sensors, support for occupancy and motion sensors, advanced device settings, and the ability to copy and paste device settings.

Crestron released Crestron Home OS 4 last summer, introducing a new interface, more interoperability and control of Crestron and third-party devices.

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