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DALI RUBIKORE Speakers Driven by Danish Engineering

The Danish audio manufacturer, DALI, has announced the new RUBIKORE series of loudspeakers.

Consisting of five models — two floorstanding speakers: RUBIKORE 8 and RUBIKORE 6, as well as the RUBIKORE 2 bookshelf; the on-wall model RUBIKORE ON-WALL, and an LCR home cinema speaker: the RUBIKORE CINEMA.

Building upon over 40 years of excellence in loudspeaker research and development — and drawing inspiration from the DALI KORE flagship loudspeaker — the new RUBIKORE Series employs several cutting-edge technologies. These proprietary technologies the company points out include: Clarity Cone Technology SMC Drivers, SMC-KORE Inductors, Hybrid Tweeter Modules with a brand new Low-Loss Dome Tweeter, and Continuous Flare Bass Reflex Ports.

These features, coupled with decades of engineering experience DALI continues, ensure the RUBIKORE Series delivers high performance and high-end sound-quality across the range, in both two-channel Hi-Fi and multichannel home theater system set ups.

DALI RUBIKORE Speakers Utilize Flagship KORE Speaker Technologies

The RUBIKORE series incorporates several technologies inspired by the development of DALI’s top-of-the-line DALI KORE loudspeaker. At the heart of these advancements is the Clarity Cone technology Bass/Midrange Driver Diaphragms that are said to ensure natural midrange clarity without any artificial coloration.

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Complemented by the DALI SMC Motor Systems, these drivers achieve minimal distortion and optimal performance efficiency. ​ The RUBIKORE 8 and 6 loudspeakers further enhance audio purity thanks to SMC KORE Inductors within their crossover circuits to significantly reduce signal loss. In addition, the entire range also featuring high-performance Mundorf capacitors.

RUBIKORE 2,6, and 8 loudspeaker enclosures are equipped with Continuous Flare Reflex Ports to maximize efficiency while reducing turbulence and noise. Drawing inspiration from the EVO-K Hybrid Tweeter of the DALI KORE, the entire product line also introduces a new Low-Loss Dome Tweeter — which omits ferrofluid in the magnet gap — to achieve the highest resolution in high-frequency sound.

DALI boasts the RUBIKORE series sets new standards for wide bandwidth loudspeakers through more KORE-inspired technologies, including paper and wood-fiber Clarity Cone Technology SMC bass/midrange drivers. The synergy between the DALI Hybrid Tweeter and the bass/midrange drivers are designed to provide detail and clarity to high frequencies, and because of these characteristics, the company notes the RUBIKORE series excel at relaxed, large scale, wide dispersion, low loss, and overall sound quality.

Externally, the new line of products are handcrafted and assembled by DALI in Denmark, and DALI stresses the RUBIKORE series also benefits from a pool of local component suppliers that help to reinforce the products’ Danish heritage. 

DALI adds the speakers are available in a choice of high-gloss black, high-gloss maroon, natural walnut, and high-gloss white finishes.

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