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David Beckham Partners with Bowers & Wilkins

The British audio brand Bowers & Wilkins and the former athlete and global icon David Beckham have partnered to create an alliance of style and sound, where Beckham’s taste meets Bowers & Wilkins’ pursuit of audio quality.  

The announcement Bowers & Wilkins emphasizes, marks the start of a long-term partnership that will explore David Beckham’s relationship with music and the special role it plays in his life. As a long-term fan of the brand, David Beckham chose to collaborate with Bowers & Wilkins because of its unrivalled reputation for audio excellence, craftmanship and class-leading, premium design.

“I’ve been a fan of Bowers & Wilkins for years and a proud owner of many of its products. Performance and design have always been important to me, which is why this partnership felt like such a natural fit,” says Beckham.

According to the popular audio company, from his parents’ musical influences, through to his successful football (soccer) career, music has always been important to David Beckham, where it provided the soundtrack to some of his greatest performances on the pitch and marked special moments for him and his family.

“Music has always played a huge role in my life. I can hear a track and remember exactly where I was and what I was doing. In our family, whenever special moments happen, there’s always a song to go with them,” adds Beckham.

2024 Lighting Controls and Fixtures Report

Lightapalooza took place in late February, and the growth of the event has mirrored the rapid ascension lighting fixtures and controls.

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