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Dynaudio Launches 4 Products at High End Munich 2024

The global pro and consumer audio manufacturer Dynaudio, has announced that at the upcoming audiophile event in Germany—High End Munich 2024—it will showcase four new products.

Dynaudio states that at the annual home audio show that in addition to its new product introductions, it will highlight its latest developments in the immersive audio category and automotive audio. Focusing on its stereo solutions at Dynaudio’s High End Munich 2024 booth, here is closer look at the company’s new products and other initiatives:

Dynaudio adds to Heritage Collection of Products

According to the Danish audio company, the latest member of its Heritage Collection is the Contour Legacy. The new 2.5-way floorstanding speaker draws from the look of Dynaudio‘s Heritage Special. The company says the Contour Legacy tips a nod to the original Contour speakers from the 1980s and 1990s, while bringing everything up to date with Dynaudio’s latest driver and acoustic technologies. 

Internally, the speaker uses Dynaudio’s top-level 28mm (1.1-inch) Esotar 3 soft-dome tweeter (including the Hexis resonance-defeating inner dome); dual 18cm woofers (7 inches) derived from the classic Evidence range, and a crossover that utilizes select premium components. 

The Contour Legacy is hand-made at Dynaudio’s headquarters in Skanderborg, Denmark. It’s finished in sustainable American Walnut, with each piece of veneer carefully chosen and matched for every individual speaker. The production-run is limited to 1,000 pairs worldwide, and each unit comes with its own pair number.

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At the High End Munich 2024 show the company will also feature its Confidence 20A active loudspeaker. Dynaudio states this speaker is a powered version of its flagship Confidence 20 stand-mounted product.

Dynaudio emphasizes the Confidence 20A is designed to be discreet through its amplifier hidden inside the stand, and the speaker’s control panel on the back. Analog and digital connectivity options are available via XLR, and the speakers’ amplifiers are provided by Pascal. 

The Danish company also points out that since Confidence 20A design and technologies were taken directly from its professional speakers, including the ability to turn sample-rate conversion off for a direct path with digital sources. 

Dynaudio Contour 20 Highlights Munich High End 2024

At High End Munich 2024 the company will exhibit its Contour 20 Black Edition product. Dynaudio stresses this product is a premium version of its Contour 20i through upgrades such as the inclusion of its Esotar 3 tweeter, which it uses in its Heritage Collection of loudspeakers. The Contour 20 Black Edition is finished in a high-gloss black finish and it includes a complementary anodized black grille, along with a black powder-coated tweeter front placement and mid/bass driver basket.

Aside from its product introductions at High End Munich 2024, Dynaudio will also highlight its collaboration with Keiji Ashizawa Design of Tokyo and Karimoku of Japan. The result of this collaboration is The Bookshelf project that is said to explore the aesthetic relationship between Denmark and Japan.

The Bookshelf’s cabinet is made from Japanese oak that’s been sourced sustainably from the Hokkaido prefecture in the north of the country. The wood is dried and prepared for between three and six months at Karimoku’s facility near Nagoya, before being carefully cut, constructed and finished at the company’s factory in Gifu. Dynaudio boasts the design is tactile and organic, and the optional stand has been created to make the whole ensemble sit right at home in a high-end minimalist living-room. 

Addressing performance, The Bookshelf incorporates Dynaudio’s top-tier Esotar 3 tweeter, and the mid/bass driver from Dynaudio’s flagship Confidence 20 stand-mount speaker. Inside the speaker resides a Dynaudio crossover that has been tested and tuned at Dynaudio’s headquarters in Denmark. 

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