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Ed Note: How Do You Promote Your Business to Prospective Clients?

There are marketing firms that CE pros hire that work within the custom integration and specialize in improving dealers’ websites and SEO optimization. Other integrators rely on word-of-mouth referrals from customers and trade partners to build a name for themselves in the community.

How else are you marketing your integration business to increase your customer base, and establish and build a reputation as the local go-to technology professional?

There’s no doubt that social media and email marketing can enhance an integrator’s presence in a community. Where I live in North Carolina, Audio Advice has cultivated a loyal following by posting engaging Facebook content — including photos and videos from projects — plus emails highlighting new products, reviews, and deals.

Do any of you still use good old broadcast radio advertisements? When I interviewed Jason Pair of Pair Electronics in Greenville, N.C., for a company profile, he mentioned how important ads and appearances on the leading station for many years helped elevate the company’s profile and position it as the local expert. It couldn’t hurt to let people know that the “AV guy” now does way more work, and that’s where the term integrator comes from.

Other companies like Audio Advice host open house or “Music Matters” nights for existing and prospective customers. The evenings, which require registration and are promoted in the newsletter and social channels, also feature other like-minded partners such as luxury car dealerships, high-profile restaurants, and private golf clubs. 

What Happens When Crime Prevention Meets AI (And Why We Can’t Rely on AI Alone)

In an era where crime continues to evolve, relying solely on AI-based solutions proves insufficient in preventing sophisticated threats and false alarms. The webinar will emphasize the paramount importance of human judgment and intuition in tandem with AI technology to create a truly complete security solution.

Our session will explore how Deep Sentinel’s revolutionary approach combines the best of both worlds—advanced artificial intelligence and the presence of highly trained human guards. Together, these elements create an unparalleled level of protection for residential and commercial properties alike.

Join our panel of esteemed lighting experts that will dive into why it’s time for integrators to rethink their role in the outdoor lighting industry.
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People still buy actual newspapers or subscribe to the online publication — why not contact the Lifestyle or Home section editors or writers to have your business or projects profiled? Maybe you can start writing a regular blog.

Shawn Hansson and Logic Integration have increased their marketing presence by achieving a business level that helped earn placement on noted lists such as Colorado Companies to Watch as well as the TITAN 100, which recognizes 100 C-suite executives and features about 250 words about Logic Integration and Hansson’s head shot. 

TITAN 100 has programs in several major U.S. markets. So does media outlet VoyageDenver, which Hansson recently shared a link to an extensive profile about his company. Founded as VoyageLA, the publication says it loves small business stories. Most cities have similar “Business Journals” spotlighting local trends and SMBs such as integration firms. 

“Someone nominated our company to be interviewed by them, so they reached out to our team,” Hansson says of the VoyageDenver article.

The post provides information about Hansson’s education and background, the company’s founding and evolution, services it provides, website and social channel links, and even average cost per project.

“We actually did work for two of the radio houses for the Mix 100 show here in Denver years ago and did some advertising. We’ve also done advertising with Luxe magazine, and some other local publications,” Hansson adds. “Now we do more SEO landing pages and keywords along with events.”

Logic Integration also has an FPV drone on staff and has been doing a lot of video shoots with fly-through at high speeds for additional marketing material. “We’re just getting the word out there with publishers and also some of our manufacturers marketing teams.”

The company has not had many leads from people who read the VoyageDenver piece, but any is better than none and now more potential customers know about the company, what they do, and the person who founded it.

It’s been said at many a keynote that integrators need to create a narrative or story to tell — those details mentioned above should generate enough interest for readers to want to hear more. What do you think?

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