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Ellipse from Meridian Offers Homeowners an All-in-One Audio Solution

Back around 2008 Meridian launched an all-in-one 2.1 audio system called the F80. Building upon the concepts first introduced by the F80, Meridian has just announced its first all-in-one wireless DSP streaming speaker: Ellipse.

Ellipse is described as a complete Meridian system in a luxury and compact form factor. The high-performance audio company boasts that its latest product is a distillation of everything it does and this new product is designed, engineered and manufactured at Meridian Audio in the U.K. Ellipse, the company continues delivers high levels of sound quality in any room, and the all-in-one speaker system features 12 Meridian DSP technologies including the first implementation of ‘Meridian Bass & Space’ in a home audio product.

“Ellipse represents a luxury lifestyle product that seamlessly combines aesthetics with performance,” comments Natalie Reynolds, head of product at Meridian. “Its graceful curves and smooth, pebble-like finish ensure effortless integration into any decor, offering an engaging and tactile experience.

“This distinctive elliptical design is featured throughout the Meridian product range, including the flagship DSP8000XE and the acclaimed DSP9. Throughout this new product, elliptical motifs persist, such as the intricate spiraling pattern of the metal grille’s elliptical perforations. Ellipse is elegantly elevated on curvaceous feet, embodying a harmonious blend of form and function, nothing is extraneous, it just looks right.”

Ellipse Designed for Modern Smart Home Lifestyles

Meridian explains its new Ellipse is easy to use straight out of the box. With multiple control options, including the Meridian Control app with seamless integration with streaming apps, the home-friendly speaker system fits a variety of applications. Meridian points out that professional integrators can use its new audio solution as a standalone or integrated speaker system within automated smart home projects with control available via a range of third-party control solutions.

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Ellipse is the third loudspeaker to emerge from Meridian’s Extreme Engineering Program, Which Meridian emphasizes is built on years of investment in its research and development (R&D) strategies which have led to new software and hardware, as well as new approaches to cabinet design, and new materials being introduced with the launch of the Ellipse system.

Ellipse is the first Meridian speaker to feature the new R2 electronics platform. A compact version of the R1 electronics platform, R2 has been specifically developed for Ellipse. It features the same sophisticated, signal-enhancing developments found in the DSP8000XE and DSP9, and incorporates Meridian’s brand-new and updatable streaming platform.

At the heart of this feature-rich streaming speaker sits Meridian’s Atlas Software Core which enables the implementation of new enhancement technologies and features, including many of the sophisticated signal-enhancing technologies found in its highest performing products.

The all-in-one speaker system provides entertainment options such as wireless Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay, and Google Chromecast, along with TIDAL Connect, Spotify Connect, and wired connections that include optical in/out, USB, and Ethernet.

“Meridian’s mission has always been clear: To bring better sound to more people,” comments John Buchanan, CEO of Meridian. “By persistently challenging convention and reshaping the way customers experience sound, we’ve crafted an all-in-one, high-performance streaming speaker that pushes the boundaries of what’s achievable within a compact form factor.

“With Ellipse, we’ve succeeded in engineering a product that seamlessly blends versatility and style into any space, enriching the user’s listening journey and fostering a deep connection with their music, regardless of their location. Ellipse truly redefines the capabilities of a product its size. In a market cluttered with compromise, Ellipse dares consumers to demand more – more performance, more satisfaction, more longevity. We believe in challenging the norms, in pushing boundaries, and in never settling for less than the best. Dare to be better – Ellipse is not just another streaming speaker.”

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