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Environmental Lights: A Trusted Vendor Partner Can Light the Way

Accent lighting provides the “wow factor” for transforming residential spaces. There are opportunities across every residential project, but navigating the myriad product options and integration complexities can be daunting. That is why a trusted lighting partner like Environmental Lights is indispensable.

Here are some reasons why:

Product Choices: Which strip light should you use? How will you control or integrate it, and how will you power it? You need to get it right the first time.

Whether it’s a whole-home system or a simple dimmer switch, a wide variety of components are required to bring your lighting to life.

2024 Lighting Controls and Fixtures Report

Lightapalooza took place in late February, and the growth of the event has mirrored the rapid ascension lighting fixtures and controls.

Download your copy now!

The right lighting partner will have the experience and knowledge to guide you through the process. Environmental Lights is committed to being your partner. We help navigate these decisions and ensure that your lighting installation runs seamlessly from start to finish.

The Power Example: Power is a crucial element in lighting, and it has hidden challenges that not everyone knows. Placing drivers over 25 feet away from LED lights can cause parasitic capacitance. It causes LED lights to be over-stressed and burn out prematurely.

Environmental Lights recognized this issue and developed the Dual-mode Universal Dimming Driver to help integrators overcome this challenge. It is compatible with Phase and 0-10V dimming and can switch between two output modes: PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) for loads within 25 feet of the driver and CVR (constant voltage reduction) for loads out further than 25 feet away.

An understanding of complex subjects like this is precisely why having a reliable lighting partner is so important!

Integrators don’t have to be lighting experts, but they do need a good lighting partner to guide them. Environmental Lights is ready to help integrators through every step of the process.

We bring over 18 years of lighting experience and will guide you through product selection and integration. Visit EnvironmentalLights.com and let us help transform your next project.

Michael Krupinsky is Vice President of Marketing, Environmental Lights

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