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Eve Brings Blinds Collection to U.S. Market

ABB brand and smart home device maker Eve has announced the availability of the Eve Blinds Collection in the U.S., bringing made-to-measure smart shades powered by Eve MotionBlinds motors to the region.

In addition, the company also announced the worldwide availability of the Matter-compatible Eve MotionBlinds Upgrade Kit for Rollbar Blinds, allowing existing roller shades to be motorized and added to a homeowner’s preferred platform.

According to the company, the Eve Blinds Collection and roller shades retrofitted with Eve MotionBlinds Upgrade Kit can be controlled with a mobile app or voice assistants including Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant. Users can create schedules to automate the blinds.

The Eve MotionBlinds Upgrade Kit and the Eve Blinds Collection are based on the Matter standard Thread network technology, allowing them to be set up in just a few steps via the mobile app or voice assistant.

According to Eve, the company offers a range of three fabrics for its Blinds Collection designed to integrate with any décor or style, including the semi-transparent Mombassa Collection that filters out daylight, the blackout Mombassa Collection for maximum privacy with a white backside, and the Solar Collection with its metalized backing for energy saving.

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Meanwhile, the MotionBlinds Upgrade Kit for Roller Blinds are designed to enhance basic blinds with Thread and Matter technology. It can be easily installed without any wiring and includes mounting brackets, covers and a set of adapters that make the motors fit into a wide range of roller blind tubes, the company says.

For users on the Apple Home platform, Matter-enabled roller blind motors with Eve MotionBlinds technology offer Adaptive Shading, the company says. The Eve app for iPhone and iPad takes over hyperlocal programming of the Eve MotionBlinds motor, based on the location and orientation of the window. This allows it to open or close the blind dynamically depending on the position of the sun, helping to reduce heat loss and save energy costs in winter.

Following the announcement that its Google Home API will be opening up to third party development, Eve made its own announcement that its app, once exclusive to the Apple iOS, will be coming to Android OS as well.

“By automatically managing the natural light, the Eve Blinds Collection and Eve MotionBlinds Upgrade Kit are the perfect additions to our portfolio because they maximize comfort and energy efficiency in the home,” says Jerome Gackel, CEO of Eve.” Whether you already have roller shades installed and just want to motorize them or are looking for a new and complete solution, Eve is the best place to start.”

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