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Garden Light LED: New DMX Technology a Gamechanger for RGBW

Do you struggle to find the right light configuration for your outdoor lighting? Wouldn’t you love to have more control, precision, and flexibility? Calling all AV and LED light installers — Garden Light LED has some exciting news!

Imagine installing an outdoor oasis for a poolscape client and offering a reliable and completely integrated lighting solution. Even better, it’s controllable so they can set the ambiance perfectly every time.

Traditional lighting options offer limited colors and control, while also falling short on precision and reliability — until now.

“What I like to say is that we are a company [whose motto is] ‘We got a light for that,’ says Garden Light LED’s Rich Secor in a recent video interview with CE Pro.

“That to me is our marketing concept, because we can basically fill the needs to all installers and what they’re looking for.”

2024 Lighting Controls and Fixtures Report

Lightapalooza took place in late February, and the growth of the event has mirrored the rapid ascension lighting fixtures and controls.

Download your copy now!

DMX Delivers Versatility for Garden Light LED Dealers

Garden Light LED’s new groundbreaking C1 & C3 DMX RGBW technology offers custom integrators all this and more.

“We worked diligently to create a DMX solution that meets the requirements of the AV industry, resulting in high-power RGBW LED products to work reliably up to 250 feet,” says Daniel Hall, Executive Director of Garden Light LED.

The innovative DMX product line driven by Cree LEDs offers high-performance color changing, unmatched durability up to 250 feet, and hardwired control. You can now manage intricate lighting, color blending, dynamic effects, and automated light sequencing for a completely immersive outdoor experience.

Installers can integrate DMX with other lighting control systems for seamless integration across their entire setup. Harness the power of Garden Light LED’s DMX line to synchronize and control multiple lighting elements effortlessly without worrying about reliability or connectivity issues.

Step into the future of landscape lighting integration. Let your imagination and creativity shine with Garden Light LED’s new DMX technology. Hear much more from Secor in the video above and visit GardenLightLED.com for more information.

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