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Hisense Joins 8K Association

Hisense, a global manufacturer of consumer electronics and home appliances, has announced that it has joined the 8K Association (8KA).

This strategic move, the global company emphasizes, places Hisense alongside other leading companies in a cross-industry group dedicated to fostering the growth of the 8K ecosystem. 

Hisense’s affiliation with the 8KA it asserts, underscores its dedication to delivering quality visual experiences to consumers worldwide. As a popular television manufacturer, it continues, Hisense’s participation in the 8K ecosystem aligns with its ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence in the consumer electronics sector. 

“Hisense’s membership in the 8K Association marks a significant step in our ongoing mission to enhance the home entertainment experience,” states David Gold, president of Hisense Americas and Hisense USA. “We are eager to contribute to the 8K ecosystem and collaborate with other industry leaders to accelerate the integration of 8K technology into the home entertainment experience.” 

Hisense 8K Association Membership Symbolizes Company’s Commitment to Next-Generation Technologies

Hisense emphasizes that its commitment to 8K technology is not new. The company has been investing in research and development (R&D) to improve the resolution and image quality of its televisions. This membership will further strengthen Hisense’s position as a leader in the television industry and will allow the company to have a more significant influence on the development and deployment of 8K technology. 

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The 8K Association points out that it has experienced substantial growth in its membership, with companies from diverse sectors of the 8K ecosystem joining to shape the future of 8K content. Hisense’s membership in the 8KA reaffirms its commitment to leading technological advancements in the television industry. 2 

“Hisense’s addition to the 8K Association expands our collective of industry leaders,” adds Mike Fidler, executive director of the 8KA. “Their dedication to innovation and excellence in consumer electronics will be instrumental in our shared efforts to promote 8K technology and its benefits.” 

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