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HTSA, CEDIA Collaborate to Provide Education

CEDIA, the Association for Smart Home Professionals, is teaming up with Home Technology Specialists of America (HTSA), a trade consortium of residential integration professionals, to provide technical education opportunities for HTSA members at CEDIA headquarters.

The buying group points out that as part of this ongoing collaboration, it will host 11 training courses staggered over 10 weeks throughout 2024 at CEDIA’s state-of-the-art training facility located in Fishers, Ind.

“While our organizations are both uniquely positioned in the industry, CEDIA and HTSA share many of the same philosophies when it comes to professional development,” says Daryl Friedman, global president and CEO, CEDIA. “CEDIA’s world-class training facility contains robust technology and real-life settings to equip smart home professionals with the tools they need to succeed on the job. CEDIA members have praised the facility for years, and I’m pleased to open the doors to even more smart home professionals through HTSA. By joining forces, we can amplify our impact, drive innovation, and cultivate a community that thrives on shared knowledge and support.”

HTSA, CEDIA Seminars Available Throughout 2024

The industry trade organization and the national buying group explain the courses are scheduled to run between May 7 and Oct. 25, and they will cover a range of topics, including CEDIA Bootcamp and Technical Courses, FURLS, Lighting, AutoCAD, Project Management Summit, Networking/Racks, Tech Levels I through II, AI Bootcamp, and more.

This set of courses will mark the first phase of a three-year partnership between CEDIA and HTSA, highlighting the commitment of both organizations in providing comprehensive and continuous education opportunities to the professional smart home industry.

What Happens When Crime Prevention Meets AI (And Why We Can’t Rely on AI Alone)

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“We’re excited to announce our partnership with CEDIA, utilizing their headquarters and training facility in Indiana, and kicking off with ten weeks of unparalleled HTSA education in 2024,” comments Jon Robbins, executive director of HTSA.

“Our members and vendors recognize HTSA’s deep commitment to leading the way in education, demonstrated by our range of learning opportunities. From our live programs in the field and at vendor facilities to our conferences, Lightapalooza, online portal, and regional group summits, we continue to set ourselves apart. With this CEDIA collaboration, we further illustrate our devotion to industry unity and continuous learning, offering HTSA members enhanced educational opportunities in a convenient, centralized location.”

HTSA emphasizes that CEDIA’s training facility is a purpose-built environment that features eight modules with conventional wood framing for layout, installation, testing, and verification of audio, video, and data cabling infrastructure. The facility includes spaces for retrofit exercises with temporary drywall installations, teaching skills like cable pathway priorities, equipment installation, and cable routing.

There are also three dedicated home cinema rooms with concrete construction, individual HVAC, and steel doors to contain volume levels during system calibration. Each cinema room includes hardware, speakers, and displays for assembling home cinema systems, providing an immersive learning experience. These spaces are complemented by specially designed classroom spaces for accompanying lecture sessions and group brainstorming exercises.

HTSA has already opened an RSVP for the May 7-9 course with additional courses to follow.

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