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Inside the Spring 2024 Google Home Updates

Google has rolled out a series of significant updates to its Google Home platform, aimed at enhancing user control and personalization of smart home devices.

The updates are designed to provide a more seamless and integrated smart home experience across multiple devices and platforms, including Android, Wear OS, web browsers, Pixel Tablet, Google TV and more.

For Android users, Google has introduced in public preview a new Favorites widget designed to provide quick and easy access to frequently used smart home devices. The widget can be customized to include easy access to various smart home devices such as lights, cameras and thermostats in just a few taps from the home screen.

Google Home users will also be able to see more information about their devices in the Google Home app, including battery status on sensors, without having to open another app.

The Google Home app now allows users to create clips from their camera history and customize the length of the clips.

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For homeowners with smart watches running on Wear OS, users can access their Google Home devices from their watch face by tapping the device shortcut and making adjustments.

Thanks to a new Wear OS Tile for Google Home, users can access their Google Home Favorites with a swipe on their watch.

Google has also made several updates to Google Home for web, allowing homeowners to use a web browser to navigate through video history and download customized clips.

In addition, the company says Public Preview is now available on Google Home for web, giving users access to new features like Script Editor. Users can opt in in the Google Home app.

Google also announced updates in Public Preview for Pixel Tablet, which allow users to see who’s at the front door when they ring the doorbell.

These updates come the same week that Google said it was re-adding the ability to control multiple speakers at the same time and come following Google’s announcement that it will be opening its Home API for third-party development. Under the new Home APIs, Google expects this will lead to even more developments within the Home ecosystem, with new facial recognition automations develop by ADT highlighting this new potential.

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