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Lamborghini, Sonus faber Partner for Revuelto Audio System

Lamborghini and Sonus faber’s newly announced collaboration marks the beginning of a long-awaited partnership of Italian artistry.

Available for preorder starting in May 2024, the new Revuelto will be the first Lamborghini vehicle available with the ability to customize a Sonus faber automotive audio system, which was born out of the joint efforts of Sonus faber’s R&D and Design department—headed by Livio Cucuzza—and Lamborghini’s team.

Sonus faber says its partnership with Lamborghini—an icon of the automotive industry—marks the latest in a growing list of collaborations for Sonus faber.

“The collaboration with Lamborghini is an extremely important milestone for Sonus faber, further expanding the brand into the luxury car segment,” says Fiore Cappelletto, vice president and general manager automotive at McIntosh Group. “Working on the Revuelto has been exhilarating yet challenging given the cabin’s restrictions and the sound of their incredible V12 behind the seats. Thanks to the joint work between the teams in Sant ’Agata and Vicenza, the journey has been remarkable, and we hope to transfer our passion at Sonus faber to every Revuelto customer. In fact, the system we engineered and tuned fully embodies world-famous Sonus faber’s natural sound. We are honored and grateful for the trust that Lamborghini extended to us on this project.”

Lamborghini Revuelto Sonus faber Audio System Driven by 750 Watts of Power

Sonus faber boasts that Lamborghinis seamlessly transition between elegance and raw power and its audio system represents the same duality of elegance and power. The sound of Sonus faber’s audio system and the Lamborghini Revuelto were developed to make for a synergistic pairing capable of delivering nuanced melodies and delicate turns, as well as thunderous bass and raw power with equal finesse.

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“The Lamborghini Revuelto epitomizes the all-encompassing physical and emotive sensations of a super sports car, and the inclusion of the Sonus faber audio system complements this experience,” comments Christian Mastro, marketing director of Automobili Lamborghini. “The Sonus faber audio system for the Lamborghini Revuelto combines technology, design and performance as well as the Made in Italy trademark, reflecting the heritage of both our brands and delivering our clients with a uniquely tuned in-car audio experience.”

According to both companies, the Lamborghini Revuelto sound system is a culmination of acoustical engineering and Sonus faber heritage. The system features a total of seven speakers, including one tweeter and one midrange driver in each door, as well as a full-range speaker in the dashboard to serve center-channel speaker. The car also features two integrated full-range speakers with surround functions, which are positioned right behind the pilot and co-pilot to augment the system’s immersive experience by deepening its depth and enveloping occupants in an authentic acoustic environment.

The center-channel speaker is designed and tuned to provide a distinctive sound experience directly in front of the pilot and co-pilot to help the Sonus faber system recreate a detailed soundstage. The speaker drivers utilize an exclusive phase plug and natural fiber composite material that have been developed specifically for the Lamborghini Revuelto.

Photo Courtesy/Sonus faber

Sonus faber adds the system also introduces a new Full Class D amplifier that is rated to deliver up to 750 Watts of power, which, in combination with a very powerful DSP, ensures smooth transitions between electrical signals and acoustical tones.

The Lamborghini Revuelto equipped with Sonus faber audio will be available for preorder in May 2024.

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