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Latch is Now DOOR; Company to Launch AI-Powered App

Latch, Inc., now going by DOOR, announced its vision for residential living with the unveiling of the DOOR app, which brings together products, services, technology, and community to improve the residential living experience and reduce costs for building owners.

The newly rebranded company asserts that its products are built on the strong foundation Latch established with its access control and entry systems, and its new DOOR app, which is launching on July 4, 2024, is anchored by the Doorman, an AI assistant that combines the technology and unique data of each building to serve timely and relevant information to residents and property managers. 

“Today we are excited to unveil the culmination of our team’s hard work and invention with the DOOR app. The Doorman knows the unique things about your building, never gets tired, and truly raises the bar in assisting residents and property managers,” comments Jamie Siminoff founder of Ring and chief doorman, DOOR.

“We are expanding upon Latch’s core technology to deliver the residential living experience people expect in today’s world. Just as we can track the status of our food delivery, residents want to know when the plumber will arrive to fix their leaky pipe or how busy the gym in their building is. It’s time for technology to support the way we want to live in our homes, and to do it with a focus on Net Operating Income (NOI).” 

DOOR Provides Users with Affordable Access Control Security

The company explains that it brings together cameras, locks, intercoms, sensors, monitors, and more to create an affordable, easy-to-install set of access control and property management products that reduces operating costs and simplifies building management while analyzing unique data from each property to turn insights into action. From monitoring for running toilets or doors left open in freezing weather to requesting maintenance on appliances, DOOR is said to provide timely information and services to protect the bottom line and empower residents, leading to a strong community and efficient property. 

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The DOOR app positions each property above its peers by delivering what today’s residents expect: 

Residents will be able to effortlessly access a full list of amenities (customizable by the property manager), including the pool, outdoor theater, firepit, gym, and so much more. 

Residents and managers will be able to access real-time information about common areas in the building; users can see how busy the gym or pool is or check on co-working space availability and book directly through the app. This real-time occupancy is powered by a one time purchase of a $15 sensor that has a five year battery life. 

Property managers will be able to charge for amenity bookings, adding new revenue streams and enhancing the building’s NOI. 

The Doorman will send real-time notifications about maintenance and events happening in the building around the clock and give updates on mixers, events, and other public announcements, ensuring communities stay connected and engaged. 

App Services Support Modern Lifestyles

According to the company, it will also bring full service amenities to buildings that are said to reduce the stress and complexity of finding trustworthy Honest Day’s Workers by enabling efficient sharing and booking of service providers among residents. DOOR Services, also launching July 4, 2024, are designed to make it easy to hire the dog walker or a cleaner that has been working in the building for years. Rather than spending time finding and booking contractors through word-of-mouth referrals, residents will be able to easily find, hire, track the status of, provide access, and pay service providers directly in the app they are already using to unlock their door. 

The company also emphasizes that with its services, building residents will be able to easily create a maintenance ticket for property managers right in the DOOR app, and the Doorman will immediately assist residents with everything from washing machine repairs to a leaky faucet, providing real-time status updates on their service. On the back end, property managers will be able to organize and stay on top of service tickets and receive insights from DOOR monitors and sensors to reduce repeat visits, save costs, and minimize frustration. 

“When residents are happy, they become invested in our communities, feel a sense of belonging, and take pride in where they live; they choose DOOR buildings over others and are willing to pay a premium, stay longer, and actively contribute to the upkeep and vibrancy of their buildings. It’s time we innovate the way we live the same way we reinvented home security, and we’re excited about what the future holds,” adds Siminoff. 

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