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Lenbrook Media Group, HDTracks Partner on Audiophile Streaming Service

High-end audio company Lenbrook Media Group is partnering with music discovery platform HDtracks to develop a streaming service designed especially for audiophiles and music enthusiasts that offers choice in formats and uses a novel application of the AIRIA by MQA Labs codec.

Users will be able to choose their format – either PCM/FLAC or MQA – in a service that will ensure high resolution audio streaming in home and on the go, says David Chesky, co-founder of HD Tracks.

“We have wanted to launch an HDtracks streaming service for some time. In Lenbrook we have a partner with global reach to help us launch a service ensuring quality and consumer choice,” Chesky says.

Lenbrook AIRIA by MQA Labs First to Get Co-Developed HDTracks Service

The service will be the first to use Lenbrook’s AIRIA by MQA Labs, a transparent delivery codec equally suited for streaming from the cloud or wirelessly from a device to headphones.

According to Lenbrook, it is designed for low-latency wireless communications by the inventors of lossless compression, it brings the benefits of a format-agnostic, scalable codec with an unmatched combination of audio quality, reliability, and data efficiency.

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“Our industry has been built by providing discerning music enthusiasts with choices while using innovation to advance digital music delivery,” explains Lenbrook Chief Strategy Officer John Banks.

“As audiophiles ourselves, it’s an exciting prospect to bring a service to life for the millions of global audiophiles that care so passionately about the quality of the music they listen to.”

The service will be available across platforms. In addition to its own applications for mobile, the service will find its way into many of the world’s leading high-end audio ecosystems, apps, and brands that count on service providers for their content.

Mike Jbara, vice president and general manager of Lenbrook Media Group, says HDTracks’ leadership are perfect partners for Lenbrook.

“Their experience and understanding of the high-end audio fan is unique and their history with quality and innovation speaks for itself,” Jbara says. “We are ready to embark on this journey with them and think music fans are going to love it.”

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