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Leon, Mera Collaboration Brings Forth an Illuminating Sound Sconce

Leon Speakers and Mera Studio Architects have introduced a new collaboration between the pair dubbed the Mera Sound Sconce.

The wall-mounted sconce offers both full-range audio through Leon’s 33UX audio platform and dimmable integrated lighting provided by American Lighting. This integration provides a unique dual illumination that emanates lights from both behind the sconce’s shell and its grille.

The sconce also comes with a magnetic grille attachment to help provide a seamless aesthetic that is suitable for both retrofit and new applications. It also provides flexibility for architectural audio in dining rooms, entertainment spaces, and bedrooms, or as an elegant addition to a piece of art.

Commercially, the sconce’s myriad lighting possibilities and high-end audio make it ideal for restaurants, hotels, lobbies, storefronts, and more.

The new sconce collection is available in three coordinating colorways: Linen, Black Sand, and Clay. Each sconce features a cast-aluminum shell, handmade high-performance audio components, custom-knit bouclé grille fabric and a textured powder-coat artisan-inspired finish.

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Both renowned as design leaders in their industries, the two teams began collaboration on the Sound Sconce following a high-design project where Mera utilized Leon’s art-oriented Ente SoundTile.

“Our idea for the sound sconce was to highlight and not hide the speaker—to think of it as an element in the room capable of transforming the experience via sound and light,” said Mera Principal Architect Tara Marshall.

“All too often, speakers are the last element considered in a space. We wanted to rethink the speaker and come up with a design that would shift the concept of the speaker from an afterthought to a forethought, and the duality of a speaker that can illuminate a room just seemed to make sense.

“Why not integrate sound where you might already install a light? From there, we set out with Leon’s team on the challenge of creating a speaker that was equally as beautiful as a light.”

“We’ve learned so much through our collaboration with Mera,” said Leon founder and president Noah Kaplan.

“Both of our organizations are committed to ending the disconnect between design and technology. Through our work with Tara and Meghan, we have gained a new perspective on modern architecture and the possibilities for the future of AV and technology—a future led by thoughtful, collaborative design.”

Pre-orders for the Mera Sound Sconce will begin April 29. Designers and integrators across the country will have the opportunity to experience Mera Sound Sconce alongside Leon’s portfolio of design-led AV products 5/19 – 5/21 at ICFF 2024 in New York City.

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