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Leviton Adds Backwards Compatible Z-Wave Switches and Dimmers to 800-Series

Leviton has announced a major upgrade to its Decora Smart Z-Wave Plus portfolio, adding a new 800-Series Switch (ZW15S) and Dimmer (ZW6HD) to the lineup.

According to the company, the 800-Series Switch controls a variety of load types, with on/off switching up to 15A and 3/4 HP for lights, ceiling fans, exhaust fans, motors, pumps, and more.

The dimmer, meanwhile, offers full-range dimming of LED, CFL, Incandescent, Halogen, and MLV lighting and is designed for LED compatibility with features to fine-tune performance. Custom settings are also available to personalize the devices and are configurable via the device or over the Z-Wave network.

Both the dimmer and switch are single-pole or 3-way capable. Leviton’s Decora Smart Plus Z-Wave line also includes a Fan Speed Control, Outlet, and Smart Plugs.

The new 800-Series devices are backwards compatible with any Z-Wave network, which allows them to work with platforms like Samsung SmartThings, Ring Security, Alarm.com, and plenty more.

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The new dimmer and switch also meet the Z-Wave specification for speed and performance as well as S2 Security, Over the Air firmware updates, and SmartStart QR code enrollment.

Customers can match their style for in-wall devices at any time with color change kits available for Z-Wave line products in black, gray, brown, light almond, and ivory.

Leviton also adds that the Decora Smart Z-Wave 800-Series Dimmer and Switch are ideal for larger projects as well, such as multi-family apartment and condo installations. The devices’ compatibility with SmartStart enrollment makes it easy to add devices to Z-Wave hubs, allowing for off-site commissioning.

“We are excited to offer customers the new Decora Smart 800-Series switch and dimmer, providing them with enhanced Z-Wave functionality as well as more features to personalize lighting control in their homes,” said James Shurte, senior product manager of smart home for Leviton.

“These products continue to build on both our Z-Wave expertise and provide our customers with the latest in smart home technology.”

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