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LG Begins Rolling Out OLED evo M4 Wireless TVs

LG is beginning the global rollout of its new OLED evo M4 series TV with the Zero Connect Box for wireless connectivity between the TV and receiver.

LG is presenting a new 65-inch model in additon to the 77-, 83-, and 97-inch models. The wireless transmission technology is designed to give users more flexibility on room setups and helps eliminate cable clutter, while the TV’s a (Alpha) 11 AI processor help provide fluid images and stunning visuals, the company says.

According to LG, the evo M4 is the first TV with the ability to display wirelessly transmitted video and audio at 4K 144Hz, but that ability is only available on models up to 83 inches. The 97-inch model supports 4K at 120Hz.

The Zero Connect Box sends signals to the TV’s self-lift OLED screen without any direct wire connections, allowing the box to be placed almost anywhere in the room with the TV and giving users more flexibility on living space arrangements.

The Zero Connect Box is also marketed as helping to eliminate cable clutter and finding creative ways to hide wires.

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The LG OLED M4 also features a self-lift screen and the new AI processor, designed just for LG’s OLED TVs, that features faster processing speeds and a Neural Processing Unit designed to elevate gaming experiences.

The TVs also feature AI Sound Pro for richer and fuller audio while leveraging the built-in speakers’ virtual 11.1.2 surround sound.

LG says its AI technology also separates vocals from soundtrack to enhance the clarity of dialogue and elevates the audio to make it seem as if it were coming from the center of its screen.

LG launched the M3 models with Zero Connect technology last year and debuted the M4 earlier this year at CES 2024.

The company says the OLED M4 series with the Zero Connect Box are now rolling out in major markets.

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