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Lighting, Power Expand Educational Programming for CEDIA Expo 2024

CEDIA Expo, a trade event where residential technology integration, designers and construction professionals connect, learn and engage, has announced the expansion of its educational programming for CEDIA Expo 2024. According to the trade association, the CEDIA Expo 2024 show’s education is designed to equip industry professionals with the tools to accelerate their businesses.

Curated by CEDIA the Association for Smart Home Professionals, the CEDIA Smart Home Technology Conference–held during CEDIA Expo 2024–will feature an array of new education aimed at broadening the perspectives of attendees.

“This year’s CEDIA Smart Home Technology Conference lineup is like no other—we’re thrilled and so thankful for the response and support we’ve received from CEDIA membership, volunteers and the overall integrator community,” says Jonathan Toomey, senior director of conference and event strategy for CEDIA. “The program is a testament to this growing, vibrant ecosystem and features a stellar lineup of industry practitioners and thought leaders. Regardless of your role, there truly is something for everyone—from hot topics to hands-on, and peer presentations to panels, this is truly the can’t-miss educational event for the smart home industry.”

CEDIA Expo 2024 Home Technology Educational Sessions

This CEDIA Expo 2024’s education includes sessions various formats, such as case studies led by peer integrators, panels and hands-on workshops geared towards innovation and future-focused thinking. Notably, the trade organization emphasizes, the CEDIA Smart Home Technology Conference will include full-day workshops, which traditionally used to be quarter- or half-day sessions. Some of this year’s main program tracks include:

Lighting and Ambiance: Explore how lighting in smart living spaces enhances well-being and style. Sessions will cover human-centric lighting, implementation challenges, blending aesthetics with smart technology and emerging industry trends.

Power Management, Energy, and Sustainability: In the age of eco-conscious consumers, deep skills in power management, energy solutions and sustainability are essential. Attendees will learn about power management, updates to the National Electrical Code and sustainable smart home practices.

Business Strategies and Project Management: The CEDIA Expo 2024 show will equip custom installation professionals with essential skills for success in home automation, covering motivation techniques for staff, exit planning, cybersecurity, maintenance, and growth strategies.

Additional tracks touch on key topics from Home Cinema and Immersive Audio to Control Systems to IT, Networking, and Security.

The global trade group will introduce a one-day, separately ticketed program—the CEDIA Executive Insights Forum—on Wednesday, September 4, 2024. The forum will focus on five pressing themes highlighted through numerous research calls with ecosystem stakeholders that are essential for driving strategic growth and innovation: advanced sales and social media strategies, effective delegation and employee trust, the housing market outlook, cutting-edge 8K technologies and the transformative impact of AI.

2024 Lighting Controls and Fixtures Report

Lightapalooza took place in late February, and the growth of the event has mirrored the rapid ascension lighting fixtures and controls.

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The CEDIA Expo 2024 show points out the CEDIA Smart Home Technology Conference will offer a wealth of benefits for attendees, especially business leaders and integrators. The expanded business and project management tracks provide business leaders with insights and strategies to enhance operational efficiency and drive growth. Integrators can advance their skill sets through technical training, hands-on workshops, and certification preparation courses, ensuring they stay ahead in a rapidly evolving industry. Additionally, the conference will identify emerging technologies and, as a result, foster innovation and create new opportunities. All participants will gain practical knowledge and forward-thinking strategies, making the CEDIA Smart Home Technology Conference an important event for staying competitive and successful in the custom installation market.

“The synergy between the conference program and the exhibition floor enhances the overall value for attendees, offering an unparalleled experience,” comments Jason McGraw, CTS, group vice president at Emerald, the producer of the CEDIA Expo 2024 show. “From control systems and assistive technologies to architecture, design and build, the conference programming during the show week is a comprehensive exploration of the latest trends shaping the future of smart living spaces. Attendees can immerse themselves in educational experiences and relate that knowledge with the hundreds of exhibitors’ new products and solutions they can engage with on the CEDIA Expo show floor.”

CEDIA Expo 2024 adds CEDIA All-Access Training Pass provides attendees unlimited access to the entire CEDIA Smart Home Technology Conference program. CEDIA Expo 2024, which will be co-located with Commercial Integrator Expo 2024, which will take place September 4–7, 2024, at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colo.

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