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Luminate Ultra W Series Planar Video Walls at Home Outdoors

Planar, a global developer of visualization technologies, has introduced the Planar Luminate Ultra W Series as the newest addition to the company’s portfolio of high-brightness, fine-pixel pitch LED video wall display solutions for outdoor use. The product line pairs the latest advancements in LED technology with a 16:9 wide aspect ratio, allowing users to create standard resolution in fine-pitch outdoor LED solutions.

“Demand for high bright, outdoor LED is here to stay and we’re excited to extend our support in this space with a new state-of-the-art, outdoor-rated fine pixel pitch LED display that not only looks great, but is also built to last and reduces deployment complexity,” says Robert Detwiler, senior director of product management and training at Planar.

“The Planar Luminate Ultra W Series combines a 16:9 cabinet layout with narrow pixel pitches and high brightness to transform the presentation of up-close, high-quality video content. This enables more impactful visual experiences that are easier to facilitate in a wider range of use cases.”

Luminate Ultra W Series Planar LED Video Walls Support 4K Resolutions

According to the company, the Luminate Ultra W Series models incorporate MicroLED technologies to produce deep black levels and high brightness even in direct sunlight. The new solution features models in 1.3, 1.6 and 2.0 millimeter pixel pitches, which can be configured to match Full HD and Ultra HD resolutions. With up to 3000-nits of brightness, the fine-pixel pitch LED video wall display supports viewing from as close as eight feet in outdoor applications spanning high-end residential, informational signage, retail, hospitality and sports and entertainment venues.

Planar points out that its latest outdoor solution also introduces Planar Luminate Ultra W Complete pre-configured LED video wall displays. Available in 115-inch, 145-inch and 173-inch diagonal Full HD resolution and 231-inch diagonal 4K resolution video wall sizes, which the company boasts further its commitment to reduce the time, cost and complexity of outdoor video wall design and installation. The line of off-the-shelf LED video wall displays equips customers with everything needed for effective, hassle-free deployment, including LED display cabinets, spare modules, wall mounts, cables and a video controller.

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Planar notes that Luminate Ultra W Series customers also benefit from front-service ruggedization with Glue-on-Board (GOB) technology. This results in added durability and a surface that is easy to clean, helping ensure the products not only stays brighter, but also maintain their long-term appearance. The solution is also designed to simplify maintenance, allowing integrators to replace individual modules or hardware elements as opposed to the entire display. 

The new Planar Luminate Ultra W Series joins the Planar Luminate Ultra Series and Planar Luminate Pro Series, bolstering the company’s portfolio of IP65 rated outdoor LED displays that incorporate LED treatments designed to endure the weather, including protection from ultraviolet rays, dust and water. The new Planar Luminate Ultra W Series will begin shipping in June.

For more information, visit Planar Booth #W945 at InfoComm 2024 in Las Vegas June 12-14

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