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Lutron, Meridian Show Specifiers the Power of Combining Light & Sound

Lutron Electronics, a leader in architectural lighting, motorized window shades, and lighting control systems, and renowned British company Meridian Audio recently brought together luxury design professionals to share in a dining adventure with curated lighting, memorable music, and culinary pairings.

The event was held in Austin, Texas, produced with leading manufacturers’ representative Bell & McCoy and home technology experts Captivate, Inc. The exclusive, invitation-only gathering showcased how light and sound can shape experiences and heighten senses to accentuate fine dining into fine art.

High-profile local architects and designers attended the event, observing the transformative nature of light and sound through an elevated sensory experience featuring Lutron’s Ketra lighting, Palladiom shades, and Meridian audio solutions.

The goal of this collaboration? Awaken the senses and immerse guests in magical moments to generate ideas and encourage specifiers to share the promise of luxury experiences, according to Lutron, which also recently held a launch event for its new Ketra D2 and Rania D2 small-aperture downlights. 

Uchi Austin, an award-winning Japanese restaurant, served up six dishes over the course of the evening. Lighting scenes and sound design were tailored to complement the mood and cuisine, adding a layer of sophistication that enhanced the overall experience without overpowering it.

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Lightapalooza took place in late February, and the growth of the event has mirrored the rapid ascension lighting fixtures and controls.

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Lutron/Meridian Demo Light & Sound Without Limits

Two pairs of premier Meridian Audio DSP9 Loudspeakers, finished in Piano Lacquer Black and Volcano Orange, delivered authentic, natural, and lifelike sound throughout the venue.

Ketra’s Natural Light solution heightened the event, offering flexibility in color temperature and light intensity. It demonstrated the bright, white light to help prepare meals and create a transition to something softer for serving and entertaining, Lutron explains. 

“Lutron and Meridian are both focused on addressing the needs and desires of luxury homeowners. With Lutron + Ketra, it’s the power of light. With Meridian, that something is how customers experience sound. Together, our teams delivered a unique multisensory experience of the highest quality for our specifier guests.” says David Weinstein, Lutron’s Vice-President of Residential Sales.

The minimal-profile Lutron Palladiom Shades integrated seamlessly to enhance and showcase the space.

Evening Caters to Immersing Guests in Transformative Experience

“The evening showcased the great match between Lutron and Meridian, and our shared value propositions. Meridian is in the business of ‘goosebumps’ and our ambition for the event was to elevate the dining experience by seamlessly integrating natural, authentic and lifelike sound with the other sensory elements provided by Lutron and Uchi, enriching every moment with depth and emotion,” says John Buchanan, Meridian CEO.

“Feedback from guests was exactly what we all would have wished for. It was very gratifying to hear that our award-winning Reference DSP9 loudspeakers were appreciated as much for their intentional design — ‘functional art’ — as for their powerful, high-end performance.”

The event resonated with the specifier attendees.

“This is about creating a 5-star experience for your home,” says Colin Slaughter of Ryan Street Architects.

Andrea Alvarez of Matt Fajkus Architecture adds about her experience, “Incredible evening. Very engaging and truly amazed by the product and all the possibilities it can have. I am leaving here with some great ideas.”

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