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Lutron Unveils Discreet Ketra D2 & Rania D2 Downlights at Launch Event

They say everything’s bigger in Texas, but at the launch event of Lutron Electronics’ Ketra D2 and Rania D2 lighting solutions smaller was definitely more en vogue.

To underscore the importance and evolution of the new products, Lutron invited dealers and press to the Ketra headquarters in Austin last month for a behind-the-scenes demonstration and information session of the Ketra D2and Rania D2architectural downlights.

One of the major highlights is that the products incorporate a new 2-inch aperture downlight, reflecting the trend for more subtle technology in a home requested by owners and interior designers.

Ketra D2 & Rania D2 Provide 2-inch Small Aperture

D2 makes Ketra — one of the most advanced light sources — and Rania, which provides impressive white light technology, available in a smaller form factor than ever, the company notes. Since acquiring Ketra several years ago, Lutron has been tinkering and tweaking as the company has sold the product, all leading up to this launch.

“In my view, [the Ketra D2 and Rania D2 technology] is scalable perfection in intelligent lighting ,” Lutron President Ed Blair remarked during the Austin event.

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“We’ve listened hard to what the community has asked for, we’ve worked hard … Another reason things can take time is because sometimes you gotta fight physics, and our team here in essence broke the backs of some physics problems that were not even close to simple.”

Presenters from Lutron during the event reiterated how the pioneering company has long sought to blend natural and electric light while accentuating the elegance of the interior, from fabric colors and textures to art and other decorations, and also skin tones and features of owners and guests enjoying the space.

Dynamic Home Lighting Is Easier to Create

With the tiny and flexible Ketra D2, integrators can deliver to clients dynamic lighting experiences that adapt to various moments throughout the day and sets the desired ambiance.

Lutron will offer the Ketra D2 and Rania D2 in various trim styles.

“What’s incredible about the light source is its ability to replicate white light,” Lutron’s Jay Williams noted while conducting a D2 demonstration.

“To be able to do this, you have to have a light source that’s able to moderate itself consistently, be able to color correct for itself as it ages, along with being seamlessly integrated into a powerful control system in HomeWorks. So we know exactly what’s happening at the light source when we press that button.”

Williams mentioned that most of us have had the opportunity to shine a flashlight through a prism and create a rainbow effect (a la Pink Floyd’s famed Dark Side of the Moon album cover). Similarly, the colors impact the overall lighting produced by the D2.

Lutron’s luxury lighting portfolio is focused on elevating the experience and quality of light in the home. Ketra and Rania light sources work with Lutron’s premium lighting controls and shades to create personalized spaces, and the new solutions capitalize on the brands’ synergies.

“In order to create this beautiful white light, we have to utilize color in order to do that,” he explained during the demo.

“So not only do we have to precisely control white light, we actually need to be able to precisely control color in these luminaires. Because we’re manufacturing the emitters ourselves, we’re able to perfectly blend [the lights] together in one space while lighting up these beautiful experiences for your clients.”

More Highlights of Lutron’s New Solutions

Williams went on to showcase the impact of utilizing white and color options by going back-and-forth between both and adding color vibrancy to highlight room accents such as flowers and art.

Both fixtures are also wirelessly controlled, saving time and money, and reducing the space needed for panels, Lutron adds.

Other notable features of the Ketra D2 include:

An emphasis on architectural aesthetics with a variety of trims and colors

Ultra-slim housings ideal for maximizing ceiling heights

Elevated level of precision through detailed manufacturing and an intuitive hot aiming system

Greater flexibility allowing increased design freedom and installation options

Wireless communication platform allows for easy adaptation to home design changes

Highlights of the Rania D2 include:

Breakthrough three-channel emitter produces exceptional white light

Broad range of white light from incandescent warmth to midday sun, all in a single light engine

Exact same slim housings, architectural trims, refined hot aiming system, and wireless communication as Ketra D2

Taken together, the Ketra D2 and Rania D2 open new possibilities for builders, designers, and custom home integrators to create innovative lighting experiences to homeowners and transform residential spaces.

Lutron enthuses that as the market continues to shift toward “quiet ceilings” with increasingly discreet recessed fixtures and a need for reliable lighting performance, the D2 is one of the most versatile and sophisticated architectural solutions that integrators can deploy.

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