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MeetUp 2 Conference Camera from Logitech Fits Into Small Rooms

Logitech has announced its new MeetUp 2, an AI-powered USB conference camera.

The global collaboration company states that its latest product is designed for bring-your-own device (BYOD) and PC-based setups in huddle and small meeting rooms.

Logitech boasts that its new next-generation camera is the modern evolution of the iconic Logitech MeetUp, the highest-selling
conference camera in its history that has sold more than one million units.

“Instantly recognizable, MeetUp took video from the boardroom to the huddle space, making video collaboration achievable and affordable for everyone,” says Alistair Johnston, head of collaboration at Futuresource Consulting.

MeetUp 2 Camera AI Technologies Improve BYOD Experiences

According to the company, MeetUp 2 will disrupt the market as the need for huddle room tech increases in companies embracing hybrid work models.
With the rise in huddle rooms comes the need for videoconferencing tech that fits multiple scenarios, including those who prefer dedicated PC-based deployment or using their laptop in a BYOD setup.

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Logitech notes that it has been using AI-enhanced features in conference room devices for years to create experiences that focus on the human and increase engagement among colleagues—with no manual control needed— MeetUp 2 is now designed with those intelligent features.

“Logitech MeetUp 2 brings the power of AI with RightSight 2 to create dynamic views that draw remote users into the virtual meeting, and RightSound 2 for advanced voice equalization and noise suppression,” comments Henry Levak, VP of product at Logitech B2B. “On the backend, IT
teams can remotely monitor the devices and push out software updates to continuously make MeetUp 2 smarter over time. And not insignificantly, we’ve built this next-generation conference camera with next-life plastics.”

Logitech explains the AI-driven video features of RightSight 2 create improved experiences for remote participants by using intelligence to automatically focus and frame in-room participants whether focusing on the active speaker, the group of participants, or each individual participant. For advanced audio clarity, RightSound 2 uses AI-based algorithms that balance voices and filter out unwanted noise, while reducing reverberation in rooms with echoes.

MeetUp 2 works with popular video conferencing platforms people use every day such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet, enabling MeetUp 2 users to enjoy features like Zoom Rooms Smart Gallery, which creates individual feeds of in-room participants; and Microsoft Intelliframe, which automatically places participants in frames to make everyone equally visible.

Logitech asserts that buyers of IT equipment are increasingly responsible for purchasing technology with a lower environmental impact. MeetUp 2 was developed using Design for Sustainability (DfS) principles, a framework that guides product teams toward lower-impact, more circular design solutions.

“We’re helping our enterprise customers better manage their carbon footprint,” suggests Prakash Arunkundrum, chief operating officer at Logitech. “MeetUp 2 is the latest in our video conferencing portfolio to demonstrate our deep commitment to reducing environmental impact.”

The company emphasizes the MeetUp 2 replaces virgin plastic parts with post-consumer recycled plastic, lowering its carbon footprint and giving a second life to end-of-use plastic from old consumer electronics. The plastic parts in MeetUp 2 contain 62% recycled plastic, the highest percentage of similar products in the market today. By choosing recycled plastic vs virgin plastic, MeetUp 2’s design saves 15.5 tCO2e saving per 10,000 units, allowing IT tech buyers to lower their company’s Scope 3 indirect emissions.

Logitech says to encourage other brands to adopt DfS it openly shares its knowledge about how to integrate Next Life recycled plastic into their manufacturing process.

Further supporting its eco-friendly goals, the MeetUp 2 is also packaged in paper sourced from FSC-certified forests and other controlled sources.

Logitech adds the MeetUp 2 enables for up to six people in a small room to communicate. The collaboration solutions offers the flexibility of deploying in USB mode with an in-room computer device or in BYOD mode connected to a laptop. In BYOD setups, users simply connect their laptops or mobile devices to the MeetUp 2 with the optional Logitech Active USB Cable to run video meetings from their platform of choice, while IT administrators can monitor room status, deploy updates, and modify settings over ethernet or WiFi through Logitech Sync.

Moreover, when the $899 MeetUp 2 is not in a meeting, the display in the room can be used or digital signage, allowing custom content such as company logos or space usage instructions, through Logitech Sync and AppSpace.

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