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Monitor’s Studio 89 Speakers Bring Back the 80s with Room-Filling Sound

Monitor Audio has announced the launch of its new Studio 89. The British audio company says that originally, the line was launched back during 1980s, and it says the Studio Series brought studio monitor-quality sound to the home.

Small and compact, Monitor Audio states that its new Studio 89 is capable of filling large rooms with sound. According to the brand, which is distributed in the U.S. by Kevro, the speaker benefits from a host of cutting-edge Monitor Audio design elements, and it features the same Transparent Design Philosophy as the company’s statement Hyphn product.

Monitor Audio Studio 89 Speakers Draw from Company’s History

Monitor Audio admits that its new Studio 89 may be inspired by the 1980s and the sense of excitement and creativity that decade represents, but in terms of technology, the company emphasizes that its new speaker is very modern. 

Studio 89 is compact, but Monitor Audio asserts that its topology ensures that even in large rooms, the soundstage, imaging and detail levels are completely enveloping and remain true to bringing “studio monitoring quality” into the home. Much of the speaker’s performance is due to its use of a “point source” MTM (Mid-Tweeter-Mid) Array drive unit configuration. 

As part of the speaker’s design, Monitor Audio positioned the latest MPD (Micro-Pleated Diaphragm) III high-frequency transducer between twin RDT (Rigid-Diaphragm Technology) III 4 ¼-inch bass-midrange drivers, and it stresses that a third-order crossover controls frequency response across each drive unit for total symmetry, which helps control sound dispersion.

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The Studio 89’s twin bass-mid driver cones are made up of three ultra-thin layers to ensure rigidity and strength. A C-CAM outer skin, “ceramic-coated aluminum magnesium,” sits over a Nomex honeycomb central core with the underside skin made up of a woven-carbon fiber. The result the company claims are driver cones that are lightweight and strong. 

Elaborating on the speaker’s crossover network, Monitor Audio notes the electronics have undergone hours of listening and part selection, using only the very best bespoke polypropylene and polyester capacitors, air-core and low-loss laminated steel-core inductors to provide maximum signal transfer and reduced distortion for optimum sound delivery. 

Externally, Monitor Audio boasts the Studio 89 loudspeaker also benefits from a strong and rigid cabinet structure. Its compact proportions include an 18mm (0.70 inches) front baffle with rigid 15mm (0.59 inches) side walls. Precisely calculated and positioned internal walls provide additional strength and bracing, the speaker’s configuration allows airflow to funnel via the top and bottom of the cabinet through the high-velocity HiVe II slot ports, reducing potential turbulence and air noise. 

The speaker cabinet is engineered to work in harmony with the drive units and crossover to create a total system that underscores Monitor Audio’s Transparent Design Philosophy, an R&D philosophy of maintaining a balance between Design and Technology.

In addition, to ensure optimum rigidity and quality listening experiences, bespoke metals have been used for each section of the dedicated Studio 89 speaker stands. The top plate is laser-cut steel, the pole is extruded aluminum, and the base is die-cast aluminum. The four adjustable feet are supplied with both chrome-plated spikes for carpeted floors and domed rubber feet for hard floors, ensuring that the stands are anchored in all situations. 

The Studio 89 loudspeaker carries an MSRP of $2,499 per pair, and the optional companion speaker stands carry a retail price of $749 per pair.


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