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Natura Turtle Safe Tape Light from Tivoli Lighting is Eco Safe

With more than 50 years of linear lighting development experience, Tivoli Lighting has introduced its latest product: the Natura Turtle Safe tape light.

According to the company, it designed its new tape light product to protect wildlife while providing high levels of illumination for coastal environments. Tivoli Lighting boasts that as an architectural lighting solutions provider, it continues to emphasize its commitment to sustainability and environmental protection through products like the launch of the Natura Turtle Safe tape.

The Calif.-based company stresses this specialized lighting system is engineered to comply with the strict guidelines set for wildlife protection, and it is specifically designed to minimize the impact on sea turtles and other coastal wildlife.

Explaining some of the features that make the new Natura Turtle Safe Tape Light product eco friendly, Tivoli Lighting points out the tape light emits a specific wavelength that is less disruptive to sea turtles. Utilizing the latest in LED technology, the company says its new lighting solution offers high efficiency and high levels of performance to reduce maintenance needs and energy consumption.

Tivoli Lighting also emphasizes the product line is built to withstand harsh coastal environments through features such as the Natura Turtle Safe tape lighting’s IP67 rating compliance, which helps to ensure protection against dust and water ingress.

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Natura Turtle Safe Tape Lighting Offers Long-Term Durability

Some of the other features the new tape light products incorporate Tivoli Lighting continues include amber safe color temperature capabilities. The company asserts the product line provides homeowners and businesses with a 60,000-hour performance life, and the Natura tape light operates on low-voltage 24-volt DC power. Dimming options can be achieved through the use of lighting control formats such as TRIAC, ELV, MLV, 0-10V, and DMX.

Tivoli Lighting adds the Natura Turtle Safe LED Tape Light consumes only 7 watts per foot delivering up to 300 lumens with maximum runs up to 13 feet.  Available in both IP54 and IP67-rated versions to prevent contamination from dust and particles, the environmentally conscious tape light is CE and cULus listed and will perform in temperatures from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Moreover, the product line is supported by a five-year limited warranty for IP54 version and a three-year warranty for IP67 applications.

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