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OliverIQ Launches Smart Home as a Service for Telecoms, ISPs

OliverIQ, the smart-home-as-a-service (SHaaS) provider that first announced its platform at CES 2024, has launched a solution designed for telecom and internet service providers to offer a brand-aligned smart home experience.

According to the Sandy, Utah-based company, OliverIQ offers per-activation pricing and per-router pricing models for ISP partners. Both options include one-touch device integration, unified control and automation.

The company also offers remote tech support for well-known smart home device brands such as Amazon, Google, Ring, Nest, Ecobee, Honeywell, Sonos, Roku, Yale, Lutron, Leviton and more. Remote security monitoring is also available as an opt-in add-on for their pricing model.

According to the company, the previous model of expanding telecoms service into the smart home market have centered on turnkey smart home kits with a limited set of supported devices. This new approach is manufacturer agnostic and is based on research that shows consumers have widely varying smart device needs and often adopt new devices from diverse brands on an ad hoc basis.

Essentially, this approach allows service providers to unify and enhance their customers’ new and existing smart home devices.

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Will West, CEO and co-founder of OliverIQ, says telecoms and ISPs trying or figure out the smart home space need to offer in-depth support and integration for devices consumers want.

“That’s where OliverIQ stands out,” West says. “Our platform fits hand-in-glove with the needs of service providers and offers their customers a world of choice when it comes to selecting the smart home devices that work best for their lifestyle.”

The company markets its SHaaS solution as delivering home automation, live security monitoring, service and support under the service provider’s brand. The software automates device discovery and integration, and users can set up complex automations with just a few taps.

The company’s SHaaS platform is designed for seamless white-label integration. Depending on ISP partner preference, it can be integrated into an existing app or stand alone, and either option gives the ISP complete control over branding and presentation.

OliverIQ believes this approach enhances brand visibility and customer loyalty while positioning telecom firms as all-inclusive smart home service providers.

“SHaaS represents a paradigm shift for telco service providers,” says Eric Smith, CTO and co-founder of OliverIQ. “Homeowners no longer need to juggle many apps: the service provider’s app becomes the one app to rule them all. That’s an incredibly sticky relationship.”

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