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Philips Hue Launches New Circadian Products Alongside App Updates

Signify has announced the launch of several new Philips Hue lights as well as new app features that aim to expand the functionality of the product within homes. Specifically, the company has announced a new style of product, dubbed Philips Hue Twilight, aimed directly at providing circadian lighting to users.

Clocking in at $279.99 MSRP and functioning as a sleep and wake-up light, the Hue Twilight comes available in white and black colorations with two individually controllable light sources. The fixture features an illumination head as well as a backlight, which are both meant to help it mimic the wide range of colors in both morning and evening skylight.

The smaller design of the bulb, and its nature as a sleep/wake-up light, means the Hue Twilight is better served in bedroom settings, specifically as a bedside fixture, according to Signify. It comes with two customizable buttons to control the light in addition to the Philips Hue app.

By default, one button cycles through six light scenes, like ‘Arise’ or ‘Sleepy’. The other triggers the new Sunset Go to sleep automation, simulating a sunset with a rich blend of red tones.

Additionally, users can set a wake-up automation, which gradually brightens to gently awaken to the colors of the morning sun. Ultra-low dimming enables smooth transitions for an effective wake-up and the perfect nightlight.

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Other additions to the Phillips Hue product portfolio include four new shapes for the handblown-glass design of Lightguide bulbs—which include small globe ($79.99 MSRP), large globe ($99.99 MSRP), Edison ($79.99 MSRP), and triangle ($99.99 MSRP)—the Philips Hue Solo lightstrip, and Philips Hue Datura light panel.

The Solo lightstrip comes in cuttable 10-foot ($69.99 MSRP), 16-foot ($89.99 MSRP), and 33-foot ($159.99 MSRP) versions and provides 1700 lumens of output in RGBWWW LEDs. The Datura light panel, meanwhile, functions as a ceiling light meant for rooms with low ceiling and features two individually controllable light sources (one white and one color).

These new products also accompany new updates to the Philips Hue Secure feature, which allows users to set lights and sound alarms to go off automatically once the system is armed. Users can also schedule their systems to arm and disarm automatically as needed.

Availability of Philips Hue Products

All products except the Datura light panel are currently available for purchase in the U.S., with Datura not being made available until September 10, 2024. Updates to the Philips Hue app are also expected in 2024.

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