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RePure’s Healthy Home Platform is Coming to Crestron Home

RePure has recently announced a new partnership with Crestron that will see both company’s respective OS’s come together to help integrators create more advanced, whole-home wellness solutions for their clients. At its core, the integration will have RePure’s Healthy Home OS manage both air and water quality for the home, while the Crestron Home platform provides automation capabilities, among other features.

A company prominently focused on developing integrated air and water solutions for smart home environments, RePure has received multiple recognitions for its products and services over the years, including two CTA Mark of Excellence awards in 2023 for its Healthy Home OS and Healthy Living Experience Showroom, respectively.

The Healthy Home OS is RePure’s specially developed platform to provide a more comprehensive look into the health of the smart home environment, with particular emphasis being placed on water filtration and HVAC systems.

By combining its platform with Crestron Home, the company states that homeowners will be able to take a more holistic approach to home automation with health and wellness being placed at the forefront of the experience.

“Our partnership with Crestron marks a significant leap in redefining the smart home landscape,” expressed Michael Don Ham, co-founder & president at RePure.

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“With RePure’s Healthy Home OS as the foundation, we empower homeowners to cultivate environments that not only enhance comfort and convenience but also prioritize their longevity and health span.”

Being no stranger to incorporating whole home wellness into its systems, Crestron has developed many in-house and partner-driven integrations over the years to build upon different wellness offerings in its system, including the Delos Wellness Extension.

According to RePure, the integrations will allow users to better manage air and water quality through the Crestron Home control platform by offering greater insight into both areas of the home. Users will also be able set personalized threshold settings for both water and air quality, allowing users to take mitigation measures the moment a threshold is passed.

“We take pride in collaborating with RePure to pioneer healthy smart home living,” commented Bob Bavolacco, director of technology partnerships at Crestron.

“By leveraging the power of Crestron Home OS and RePure’s Healthy Home OS, homeowners are able to curate living spaces that promote health and well-being.”

For more information about the partnership and more of RePure’s product offerings, the company has instructed interested parties to visit the RePure Website.

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