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Ring Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam Produces Wide-Angle Images

Ring explains that its newly announced Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam lets homeowners see wide angles, even when they’re far away.

Using the Ring app, the smart-home company states that homeowners can control the cam’s built-in, motorized base to tilt the camera up or down or pan left to right. The new Ring camera provides full HD video and color night vision with 360-degrees of pan coverage and 169-degrees of vertical tilt coverage.

The global technology company asserts that its new Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam can be used by everyone from pet owners who want to pan around the living room to check on their pet, to small business owners who want to cover multiple angles and doorways with one camera.

According to the company, its latest cam product incorporates all the features that consumers have come to associate with the Ring brand, including Live View, Two-Way Talk, and real-time motion alerts. When the Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam detects activity, Ring says it will notify customers in the Ring app to allow them to respond in real-time and talk with anyone on the other end directly through the Cam’s built-in microphone and speaker.

Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam Offers Cloud Video Storage

With a Ring Protect subscription, Ring homeowners can augment the capabilities of the new indoor cam through the ability to store and access recordings from the cloud, and cloud capabilities allow users to utilize amenities such as the ability to share videos, and receive motion notifications with a photo preview directly in the app notification.

The Future of Digital Lighting & Control

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Ring Protect customers also have access to new features like Multi Cam Live View, which plays four Live Views simultaneously per location on Ring’s website. Additionally, Live View Picture-in-Picture keeps the Live View playing in a pop up window even when customers navigate away from the Ring app.

As consumer attention has been drawn more and more to security vulnerabilities in their smart home and IoT devices, Ring says that it is the first company in the smart home industry to require two-step verification for all customers, and the first major home security company to launch video end-to-end encryption as an advanced encryption option for customers.

Giving homeowners control over their security settings, the company notes that homeowners can can customize their privacy settings in the Ring app, and it states the Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam features a manual privacy cover that turns off audio and video when placed over the camera lens to provide homeowners with an analog approach to privacy.

Ring adds the Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam is available for pre-order for $79.99, and the product will begin shipping on May 30, 2024. Moreover, the company says it is now offering new device colors: Blush, Charcoal, and Starlight. Available for both Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam and Indoor Cam (2nd Gen), each color has an earth tone that was develop to help the products blend into any home décor.

Design choice examples Ring says include Blush for bright, airy spaces, Charcoal for serene rooms with a cool color palette, and it says the Starlight finishes’ neutral tone is designed to complement a variety of interior spaces.

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