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Samsung Adds Matter 1.2 Support, Shareable Routines to SmartThings

Samsung is adding several new features to SmartThings, including support for Matter 1.2, shareable routines, enhanced hub functionality, new device control and energy enhancements.

According to Samsung, these updates are designed to enhance smart home ecosystems and make it easier for users to manage devices and routines.

The SmartThings platform has ben updated and certified to the Matter 1.2 software development kit (SDK), meaning that SmartThings now integrates with partner devices that also support Matter 1.2, such as refrigerators, room air conditioners, dishwashers, laundry machines, vacuums, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, air quality sensors, air purifiers and fans, the company says.

Better support for Matter helps streamline developer integration and ensures a smoother experience in line with core spec updates, according to Samsung. Full Matter 1.2 support in the SmartThings mobile app will come later this summer.

Samsung also announced Shareable Routines, a new SmartThings feature that allows users to share daily routines with others and pass on automated sequences of tasks or actions to their guests or friends. This is designed to help enhance the overall usability and accessibility of routines.

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Essentially, this allows users to share their routines with others who would like to set up a routine in their own SmartThings-powered smart home. This can be done by scanning a QR code of the routine, and SmartThings will set it up automatically.

Samsung is also adding new hub features via the new Hub Manager in the SmartThings app, giving users a central hub management interface for configuring their smart home infrastructure, creating Hub Groups with more types of SmartThings Hubs, and enabling Hub Backup to make homes more reliable.

With Hub Backup, users can use a secondary hub as a backup in case the primary hub fails. Users will get notifications and troubleshooting assistance, as well as the option to designate a new primary hub if necessary. Users can also transfer device configurations, network settings and routines.

Through the new Device Control feature, Galaxy users get easier access, navigation and control of their smart home devices thanks to giver device cards to show more controls for home devices, and users can select devices to create their own home control page.

Once users finish creating their own home control page then users will have greater ability to control the smart home device, including adjusting TV volume or light brightness. On phones and tablets, Device Control can be used right through the quick panel, similarly to how users access controls for Bluetooth, WiFi and airplane mode, the company says.

In addition, Samsung is updating the user interface so users can more easily find and control devices. The device tab will be restructured to display rooms as top-level tabs so users can navigate and manage devices within each room. An enhanced device search will also offer suggestions based on the types of devices the users own.

In addition, each device plugin provides visualizations that highlight the key features and states of each device, the company adds.

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