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Samsung Brings IoT Control, Automation to Businesses With SmartThings Pro

Samsung has introduced SmartThings Pro at InfoComm 2024, essentially the business version of its smart home platform SmartThings, bringing more control and automation of IoT devices to a business environment.

The company announced SmartThings Pro as part of its InfoComm 2024 media package, in which the company also highlights new display technologies such as its ultra-low power, lightweight Color E-Paper display; the Interactive Whiteboard WAD series, and the Samsung Business TV BED series.

According to Samsung, SmartThings Pro offers business-to-business customers customizable Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for seamless integration. It also features AI Energy Mode, an intelligent power-saving technology that reduces energy consumption based on ambient brightness, content analysis and motion detection. This energy-saving algorithm is available for Samsung products connected to the SmartThings Pro ecosystem.

The company says SmartThings Pro also offers a dashboard for users to check the connection status of various IoT devices via AI-powered analytics. This aims to help organizations use devices more efficiently and adopt energy-saving practices.

It’s not just about individual users, Samsung says, as SmartThings Pro is also designed to improve the general operations of connected devices in corporate environments, such as SMART Signage, hospitality displays, HVAC systems, digital appliances and others.

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Organizations can also control temperature, humidity and lighting more effectively by linking those IoT products to SmartThings, and SmartThings Pro can integrate sensors like cameras to enhance monitoring and control capabilities. These features are designed to help users automate daily configurations to reduce costs and increase efficiency and sustainability.

Samsung says some of its partners already plan to use the APIs, including Cisco, which will demonstrate API integrations with Cisco video devices at InfoComm 2024.

“We will further enhance Samsung’s IoT solutions for the B2B market through SmartThings Pro,” says Chanwoo Park, executive vice president at Samsung. “Our customized solutions strengthen display performance in apartment buildings, residential spaces, public facilities like schools and commercial spaces like retail, hotels and offices. SmartThings will not only improve performance for these operators, but it will reduce cost.”

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