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Samsung’s Energy Flex Connect Program Incentivizes Energy Savings

Samsung is launching SmartThings Energy Flex Connect, a demand response program designed to enhance the smart home platform’s intelligent device management and support energy efficiency features in California and New York.

Enrolling devices in the program and automating those devices gives eligible users the ability to earn Samsung Rewards points, which are deposited right into their bank account, incentivizing greater involvement in energy-saving initiatives. The goal is to foster a more sustainable grid through conserving energy during peak demand events, the company says.

SmartThings Energy Flex Connect works through SmartThings Energy, a service within the SmartThings app. Users can enroll devices like thermostats, plugs, air conditioners, lights, TVs, and appliances to automate participation in energy events and save energy when the grid is strained.

This is designed to give users the choice and control over their energy management. Via the program, SmartThings can automatically turn on the AI Energy Mode that saves extra energy use in the supported appliance.

With a power-off function, users consume less energy from having appliances turned off when appropriate during peak demand events. That includes “certain third-party lights and plugs.”

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Savings can also be achieved through smart temperature adjustment for thermostats, the company says.

Users can select which devices to enroll in the program and adjust preferences at any time. Devices participate in an event when a Demand Response signal is received, giving users the opportunity to support the grid and save energy without having to adjust anything manually.

However, users can also choose to adjust devices manually, as SmartThings Energy will send alerts I the app when a peak event is triggered.

In many ways, the Flex Connect Program can be seen as a direct upgrade of Samsung’s previous demand response offerings, which saw users needing to manually adjust consumption levels following notifications and recommendations from utilities provided by Samsung.

Chanwoo Park, executive vice president of Samsung Electronics, says the company wants to help users obtain greater flexibility and convenience with their smart home devices.

“SmartThings Energy empowers our users with tools and information to monitor their energy consumption and save money, and launching Flex Connect is a crucial step in creating a greener and smarter world,” Park says. “Customers can not only conserve energy with Flex Connect, but also earn Samsung Rewards for participating.”

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