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Savant Expands Inception Shades Line

Smart home product manufacturer Savant has announced an expanded line of Inception shades, designed by J Geiger, which are available exclusively from Savant and feature the architectural design benefits of a custom built, exposed roller-shade with hassle-free installation.

According to Savant, these new shades designed by J Geiger feature a minimalist profile designed to enhance any room. The shades are an expansion of J Geiger’s R-Series custom built line that were released more than 10 years ago. The new Inception shades allow for a minimalist profile even when the related wiring is imprecise, the company says.

Savant’s Inception and R-Series shade line-ups include sleek aluminum hardware finished in silver, black, and now white, with more than 600 fabric options to choose from available in translucent, sheer, or blackout to perfectly suit any application. Homeowners can select wired or wireless motorization as well as a fully manual option, the company says.

Along with the new shades, Savant has released a new design tool platform that enables dealers to design and quote lighting control solutions and shades simultaneously within the same project, complete with installation documentation.

Using easy step-by-step prompts, dealers can name each room, input the shade measurements, and access Savant’s vast fabric library to ensure that the proper parts are included with each order. They can also add-to-cart in total or by installation phase, making it easy to use the project summary as both a quoting and ordering tool, the company says.

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The Inception and R-Series shades include several options for motors, including wired motors, wired RF motors, rechargeable RF motors, and manual shades.

Wired motors are wired for both power and control and are compatible with all major control systems, wired RF motors are controlled wirelessly via radio frequency and can be integrated or linked to a standalone keypad, remote or hub, and rechargeable RF motors are wire-free battery-powered motors that can either be fully integrated or linked to a keypad, remote or hub.

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