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Select Bluesound Devices Are Now Getting Dirac Live Room Correction Pre-Installed

Dirac and Bluesound have announced the pair will be entering into a unique collaboration to add Dirac’s award-winning room correction software to select Bluesound devices.

According to Fredric Tapper, Dirac’s VP of Home & Pro Audio, this first-time collaboration with Bluesound represents a significant milestone for the company it continues to grow industry access to its digital room correction technologies for multi-room audio installations.

“The ways in which consumers listen to music at home are changing; while dedicated listening rooms were once the norm, the whole house is now the listening space – the living room, kitchen, bedrooms, basements, and more,” stated Tapper.

“However, this expanded definition of listening space has created new challenges in terms of high-fidelity audio reproduction, as open-air spaces with dynamic room sizes and dimensions can significantly impact sound quality. This industry-first collaboration with Bluesound resolves these challenges by delivering high-fidelity audio across any room, or any listening space, irrespective of its complexities.”

Since its debut, Dirac Live has quickly grown to become one of the leading solutions for room correction. Being able to automatically address common acoustic challenges, the software has broadly expanded the types of spaces where integrators have been able to install audio and home theater systems.

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According to the two companies, future Bluesound devices will come ready to handle Dirac Live once a Dirac Live license is purchased through the Dirac website. A calibration kit will be made available for sale on the Bluesound.com website when the first enabled Bluesound player becomes available.

Backwards compatibility to existing Bluesound devices is also being studied and roll out plans for eligible models will be shared later, note the pair.

“At Bluesound, we fundamentally believe that consumers shouldn’t have to sacrifice audio quality for the convenience of streaming – and multiroom streamed audio doesn’t have to come at the expense of high-fidelity sound reproduction,” stated Matt Simmonds, Product Manager, Bluesound.

“HiFi runs deep in our DNA, which is why we’re so excited to be collaborating with Dirac – a company that shares our commitment to audio innovation and the pursuit of perfected sound. These Dirac Ready Bluesound devices will set new performance standards in the multiroom WiFi-based streamed audio market.”

In advance of the first release, Dirac has made a dedicated page where users can sign up to be notified of which Bluesound devices have been enabled as they become available.

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