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SEVENTY-FIVE Bed from Savoir Includes KEF Audio Technologies

Savoir, a specialty manufacturer of bed products, has announced the launch of its SEVENTY-FIVE bed product. While not the first bed to incorporate AV elements into its design, this time around, Savoir states that the intent of its product is to deliver better health outcomes by providing a more relaxing sleep environment through better audio.

According to the bed company, the product name comes from the ideal number of beats per minute within a song it takes to enable relaxation. Savoir specialist sleep scientist Dr. Rebecca Robins, MMSci, PhD, MS, points out the importance of good, quality sleep for those with insomnia, which is a proven cause to stress-related health problems.

Robins emphasizes these issues can reduce the life expectancy of men by nearly three years, and now the scientific community is examining the question of whether stress is perpetuated by interrupted sleep and how can people prevent the interruption of sleep.

Savoir’s SEVENTY-FIVE, which features KEF audio products, is designed to help facilitate a good night’s sleep, the London-based furniture company asserts.

“Music has the potential to transport us, which is exactly what we need in order to fall asleep. In our go-go busy lives it is easy for the day to fly by filled with work tasks, then bedtime rolls around and many of us can struggle because we have not built in time to relax, unplug, and unwind,” says Robins. “Music is one terrific way to separate from your busy day, transport yourself, and prepare the mind and body for sleep.”

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SEVENTY-FIVE Bed Helps to Create a Serene Sleeping Environment

Through the collaboration between Savoir and KEF, the new SEVENTY-FIVE bed product is designed to optimize users’ sleep habits. The companies note that research has found that listening to music—and classical music in particular—can reduce someone’s heart rate, blood pressure, and anxiety, to improve the quality of the bed owner’s sleep.

Explaining the design and craftsmanship that goes into the production of the SEVENTY-FIVE, Savoir says the product requires 150 hours of labor to build. Construction highlights include a design with upholstered contrasting fabrics, along with a headboard and based dressed in Kvadrat x Raf Simmons fabric. The new wellness bed is also made with sustainably sourced wool and recycled Kirkby Design fabric on the back of the product.

Elaborating on the SEVENTY-FIVE bed’s audio technologies, the companies state the product utilizes two KEF Ci3160REFM-THX speakers from KEF’s Reference Series embedded within the curved headboard that envelopes those sleeping to create an immersive sound stage. The performance of the speaker system is augmented by six of KEF’s Kube 8b subwoofers, which are discreetly hidden in the base of the bed to deliver a full-frequency immersive listening experience.

Savoir adds the bed is also finished with dark American walnut side tables integrated with wireless charging ports, which the British company says blends into the product’s classic heritage to complement KEF’s modern engineering.

The SEVENTY-FIVE bed will be on display in the Savoir showroom on Greene Street in London. Prices for the new wellness bed start at $115,093.

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