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Sonus faber Updates Sonetto Line with Sonetto G2 Loudspeakers

Sonus faber has announced the launch of the Sonetto G2 collection—the new generation of the audio brand’s Sonetto series of speakers.

The Italian manufacturer states that its latest product series features seven new loudspeakers, and Sonus faber says every driver in the Sonetto G2 series is crafted specifically for this collection. The new speakers are the audiophile brand’s first product line to incorporate acoustic technologies specifically developed for its Suprema system, which was introduced earlier in 2024.

The Sonetto G2 collection includes a complete range of speakers, including stand-mount, floorstanding, and wall-mount options, designed to meet the needs of every listener, whether a music enthusiast or audiophile.

Sonus faber Sonetto G2 Speakers Benefit from Trickle-Down Engineering

Explaining the developmental process for its new line of products, Sonus faber points out that its new speaker series utilize engineering elements from its top-of-the-line Suprema loudspeakers. Among the technologies the speakers utilize from the flagship Suprema loudspeakers include an internal cork chamber, along with the company’s Camelia midrange driver that includes an organic basket and aluminum phase plug that help to produce a smooth frequency response on and off axis.

The Sonetto G2 line of products also employ the Suprema’s floral patterns for their mid-woofer and woofers. Sonus faber says this design element provides a visual elegance to the products, and it also helps to reduce interference, while increasing the linear range of the drivers.

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Elaborating on some of the other technologies and design elements its new line of product features, Sonus faber notes the speakers employ a lute shape that provides a level of elegance and helps the speakers’ ability to disperse sound to create immersive audio images. The speakers’ wood cabinets are augmented by concrete bases to improve the stability of the products—and the concrete bases are said to help minimize vibrations that detract from the speakers’ performance.

Internally, the Sonetto G2 speakers feature paper-pulp sandwich woofers with “organic” baskets that are said to optimize air flow. The woofers also utilize motors with demodulation rings that are designed to improve the drivers’ linearity. Handling high frequencies for the speakers are the company’s Silk Dome DAD (Damped Apex Dome) transducers. According to Sonus faber, these tweeters are capable of extending beyond 30kHz through the inclusion of a copper cup.

Other features the Sonetto G2 line of speakers incorporate include the company’s Phase Coherent Crossover that is designed to synchronize the drivers’ phase rotation.

In addition, the speakers use Sonus faber’s mid-high unity flange wrapped in leather, as well as 45-degree angled top-wood finishes, metal-finished rings around all of the speakers’ drivers, and single-driver dust grills.

Here are the retail prices for the Sonetto G2 loudspeakers, which will be available in July 2024:

Sonetto I: $ 1,999.00 

Sonetto II: $ 2,749.00 

Sonetto III: $ 4,499.00 

Sonetto V: $ 6,499.00 

Sonetto VIII: $7,999.00 

Sonetto Center: $ 2,499.00 

Sonetto On Wall: $ 1,249.00 

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