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Stealth Acoustics Launches 8th-Generation LineaRadiance Invisible Speakers

Stealth Acoustics is proud to announce the next generation of its critically acclaimed LineaResponse totally invisible speakers first released in 2003.

The new LineaRadiance invisible speakers are a completely redesigned, 8th-generation product with new internal components and a new integrated frame and backbox produced in Stealth Acoustics’ Mount Vernon, Wash.-based facility.

Stealth Acoustics LineaRadiance Features

Some highlights found in the exciting line of all-new products are:

Integrated and acoustically tuned back box included with every speaker (removable)

New transducer/exciter driver designs

Increased overall efficiency

Fidelity Glass Advanced tuned and dampened fiber diaphragm

Easy-Tape tapered frame/diaphragm for improved finishing

Increased power handling

Re-voiced crossover networks

Increased overall diaphragm surface areas on many models

New woofer mount style increases internal air volumes

Improved poly-switches

New paper-finish diaphragm for better material adhesion

Stealth AcousticsL-RAD 116 is a 2-way speaker with a 6” woofer mounted on an all-new frame size (16” x 16”). The larger diaphragm surface area delivers astounding results from a very small, entry-level package.

The L-RAD 430 is a powerful new flagship speaker. This invisible loudspeaker makes a true performance statement, featuring 3-way clarity and boasting dual 8” woofers and independent high- and mid-frequency exciters makes for a true performance statement from an invisible loudspeaker.

As we move through 2024, Stealth says there will be up to five new full-range speaker models released to complete the “family” of 8th-generation invisible speaker/subwoofer offerings. Many of the company’s previous and most popular models (such as the LRX-83, B30g, and SLR8g) will live on with a new look and even better performance, Stealth enthuses. 

“This will be an exciting year for invisible speakers and perfectly timed to meet the increasing market demands for this hot product category,” the company states.

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Stealth Acoustics (stealthacoustics.com) manufactures high-quality, American-made, invisible AV solutions to preserve the beauty of your home while exceeding all performance expectations.

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