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Steinway Lyngdorf’s Model S Soundbar Expands the Range of Company’s Signature Style

Steinway Lyngdorf has announced the launch of the first Steinway & Sons soundbar, the Model S Soundbar. Meant to provide the same level of quality as the company’s other luxury audio products in the form factor of a soundbar, the Model S, according to the CEO Thomas Birkelund, is meant to expand the range of Steinway Lyngdorf’s products in the home.

“The [Model S Soundbar] is not meant to be of lesser quality or a compromise on sound, as many other soundbar solutions are,” says Birkelund.

“I think you will see that the size and the look signals that this is not a compromise but rather meant for a smaller setup, with the same Steinway Lyngdorf quality. This is for the installations where our other products do not fit, but you still want a Steinway product with your TV.”

Sporting a black front with signature gold-plated tweeter frames and bronze-gold lacquered sides with black strings, resembling the piano and musical instruments of Steinway & Sons, the Model S Soundbar comes equipped with two powerful woofers, three Air Motion Transformer tweeter and three midrange drivers for added clarity and details. These systems are then all powered by four digital amplifiers with a combined 1.600 Watt output.

The extremely rigid and heavy enclosure is made from machined solid aluminum front and back panels, housing a low-resonance MDF frame with five acoustically separated chambers inside, which provides the foundation for the loudspeaker drivers and ensures the cleaner sound from the speaker when playing both higher and lower notes.

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The Air Motion Transformer tweeters are made with Kapton foil while the midrange drivers use anodized aluminum cones powered by neodymium magnets. The two 10-inch woofers are a high-excursion design with a four-layer voice coil, anodized aluminum cone, very powerful neodymium magnet, and an ultra-rigid cast aluminum basket.

According to Steinway Lyngdorf the Model S Soundbar comes with a left-center-right configuration that is designed to provide a stable center soundstage and imaging, either in pure stereo or with center channel upmixing / multichannel downmixing in the digital Steinway & Sons processor.

As with every Steinway & Sons loudspeaker, the Model S Soundbar is part of the company’s Integrated System Approach, ensuring all parts of the system, from the speaker itself to the external Steinway & Sons stereo or surround processors and powerful digital amplifiers, work perfectly together as one.

Steinway Lyngdorf’s RoomPerfectTM technology is the finishing touch for each system. RoomPerfectTM acoustically calibrates the Soundbar to the room acoustics, always ensuring the very best sound experience for every customer, in any room and any speaker placement.

Pricing and Availability for the Model S Soundbar

The new Steinway & Sons Model S Soundbar will be available end of Q3 2024. System prices depend on the choice of stereo or surround processor.

Customized lacquers and finishes are also available on request.

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