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SwitchBot’s Universal Remote Controls Just About Everything via Bluetooth and IR

SwitchBot has recently announced that the company is introducing a new Universal Remote for smart homes.

Originally starting business in 2016, the company largely focuses on retrofit smart home upgrades such as smart locks, solar-powered motorization modules for curtains, and blinds, as well as developing robo-vacuums, all of which are intended to be controllable under the new universal remote, in addition to many other household products.

The remote, according to SwitchBot, functions using infrared signals, which are commonly used to control a wide variety of household products, from TVs and projectors to air conditioners, lighting, and even CD players.

The device itself is made with a 2.4-inch LCD screen and touch wheel dial. It incorporates a 2000mAh battery that allows the remote to operate up to 150 days on a single charge, according to SwitchBot. The remote also supports the ability to define scenes so multiple devices can be controlled with a single button press.

The remote also includes a library of up to 83,934 remote control models, which the company states it updates every six months to keep its product connected to the latest smart home gear being introduced to the market.

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Additionally, the SwitchBot Universal Remote works over Bluetooth to control SwitchBot branded devices, as well as Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV.

Connecting to a Matter-compatible SwitchBot Hub, the Universal Remote can also be used to control Matter-compatible smart home devices, which further expands the functionality of the device to more robust, budget smart home devices.

Because the Universal Remote operates on local networking protocols, this means that the remote can still control specific devices even in the wake of an internet outage

For further compatibility information, readers are instructed to visit the SwitchBot Help Center and you can find information on supported IR controlled devices here.

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