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The Premier Group Leverages Snap One in Private Bathhouse for Spa-Like Amenities

Thanks to Snap One and Indiana-based integration firm The Premier Group, an Indiana couple was able to add a Turkish-style bathhouse to their sprawling property that features advanced AV, lighting, automation, networking, security, and access control.

Initial Technology Plans

The first technology plans for the 2,500-square-foot bathhouse that includes a lap pool, plunge pool, hot tub, sauna, and other amenities initially included just a few TVs, speakers, and wiring for internet access. However, once the homeowners began discussions with the integration firm, the project’s scope grew.

“This was the classic case of clients who weren’t sure what they wanted but were open to explore all ideas,” says Jason Barth, CEO and lead designer at The Premier Group. “Once we explained the lifestyle-enriching benefits of many technologies and products from the Snap One portfolio, they were quickly on board.”

Courtesy/The Premier Group

Enhanced Security and Access Control

One major enhancement that this close collaboration produced was a controlled callbox at the gate of the property, as well as a Control4 electronic door lock solution for the pool house itself. This helped give the homeowners peace of mind when family and guests wanted to use the facilities regardless of if the homeowners were home or away. Visitors are given a code which is assigned to them via a Control4 app on their smartphones and authenticated via the full-scale Control4 automation system that was customized for the bathhouse.

Comprehensive Control Systems

For control over an eight-zone AV distribution system, owners use the Control4 OS3 mobile app via 4Sight, along with wall-mounted touch panels and handheld remotes. This allows control of SunBrite and Sony TVs, dimmable architectural lighting, and a three-zone HVAC system. An integrated ClareOne alarm system helps secure the property.

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To control music, poolside TVs, lights, and climate controls, users can access components stored in a central rack. The system also allows owners to control each area independently of one another. For example, Control4 interfaces allow users to bring energizing music and bright lights to the pool area, while the hot tub and sauna areas can be controlled separately with more relaxing music and dimmer lights.

Courtesy/The Premier Group

Pre-setting the Ideal Environment

However, the homeowners can create the ideal environment before they even step foot in the bathhouse thanks to a Control4 touch panel in the main house that communicates to a Control4 controller in the bathhouse via fiber optic cables. Lighting is automated at dusk, with exterior lighting guiding homeowners to the bathhouse from the main house.

With one tap of the button, homeowners can essentially deactivate everything in the bathhouse, powering down AV and lighting, adjusting HVAC to an energy-saving setting, locking the door and gate, and arming Luma surveillance cameras.

Courtesy/The Premier Group

Networking and Power Management

For networking, the Premier Group used Snap One’s Access Networks A350 Unleashed Access Points, Araknis Managed Gigabit Switches, Strong racks, Wirepath wiring, and WattBox power accessories.

“Specialty projects like this give us a chance to apply the technologies we’ve used in homes for decades but in a slightly different way,” says Barth. “The Turkish bathhouse was a dramatic departure in style and tech from the owners’ residence, which signifies the remarkable versatility of Snap One’s smart home solutions.” By listening carefully to the needs of the owners and applying their own unique twist to the technology, The Premier Group developed a winning formula for home-based health and wellness environments.

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